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What's a Mecklenburger?

The county's spin on educational programming


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Now in its second season, The Mecklenburgers, a sitcom intended to inform residents about county services, is supposed to teach WTVI viewers about such disparate topics as domestic violence, substance abuse and running for mayor. County spokesman Danny Diehl said the last four episodes (which each cost taxpayers $30,000) have drawn an average 14,000 viewers, according to Nielsen ratings. But when was the last time Nielsen contacted you? Creative Loafing hit Tryon Street recently to find out who watches this show.

"I've watched it, 'cause I'm Robert E. Faiford fan. I like it." -- Diana Miller, 42, Gastonia, painter

"I think I've seen it advertised. Suzanne Stevens is in it, right? It sounded funny -- just its title." -- Kim O'Doyle, 41, administrative assistant

"I've seen it. It's a little hokey, but it's kind of funny too. [Raiford] just has a contrarian view of everything in the world." -- Jerri Norman, Charlotte

"I've never heard of it. Not 'till now." -- Billy Ray Horne, 36, Dallas, painter.

"Is that with the newscaster? I've seen the advertisements. It looked stupid." -- Kim Parsons, 35, administrative assistant

"A long time ago. Kids don't remember." -- Keith Wiley, 6, Charlotte, first-grade student

"Showmars has a Mecklenburger. That's the closest I've gotten to seeing it." -- Gregory Glenn, 47, cable installer


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