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What is the Best Way to Mix Strains?



In recent years mixing strains in the marijuana world has become quite a norm. Every day you hear about a fancy Wedding Pie strain that promises a wholesome THC and CBD marijuana experience. Admittedly, these strains offer users a new kind of bud from two ordinary ones. 

It is not a shocker that many people are gaining an interest in the mixing weed strains business. The goal is not to shadow the works of biologists but to come off with the best high. Though it is not harmful, it may help to consider a few things before mixing. You don't want to waste too much weed and get a moderate-high. 

Before the Mixing

Like anything else, this process needs some considerations first. You may decide to just go into it, but that may result in poorer results than you hoped. Hence, you may want to consider the following;

  1. The Goal of your Mixing

Most people think if they take good strains to mix together, then they will get an even better strain. While this is likely to be true, the alternative is also possible. One of the first questions you need to ask is; what do you need from the final product? Are you looking for a better high? A calmer high? A lesser high? These should be the very first questions you ponder. Once you know what you want, you will know which strains to use. 

  1. Foresee the Consequences

Similar to a boomerang, marijuana use has its consequences. Each strain brings about a different effect on the body. It would be best if you considered that these strains might fail to work. The result is some uncomfortable symptoms that may pass after a while. 

Also, since you are no researcher, you should welcome the idea that your mixing will sometimes fail to take off. With more practice, you may finally become a weed connoisseur.  

  1. Research

Unfortunately for some people and fortunately for others mixing will require you to do a huge amount of research. With the recent development of strains, several are on the market, each with varying characteristics. 

The research aims to familiarize yourself with as many strains as possible. It will impart the knowledge that can you mix weed strains with varying potency levels? Or whether you can use Sativa and hybrid strains for a mix. 

Without the knowledge of available strains and their potencies, you will be mixing in the dark, hoping for good results. 

Things you Need to Know about Strains and Mixing.

Going into mixing blind can often lead to futile results. You don't want your hopes crushed for not taking the time to learn about your new hobby. Mixing research often covers the following information;

The Three Main Distinctions

Weed is not simply unanimous. People worldwide take different strains with varying potency levels and other characteristics. The main three distinctions of weed are Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. There is ongoing research to determine if there are more, but these are the most accepted strain generalizations.

Indica offers its users a body high that ends in relaxation. It is calming and frequently in use for medicinal purposes. Physically it is a shorter bush with more leaves and branches than its Sativa counterpart. 

Sativa targets the brain by giving the body a mind high that uplifts the creativity and productivity of individuals. Structurally it is longer with a thinner bush. 

Hybrids are a combination of both. These plants with research engineering offer a balanced side of relaxing and mind-high effects. 

Ratio of Mixing

As you can see, there is a weed that delivers a given amount of head high and another body high. What about one that can do both? Hybrids may offer the needed balancing, but you as an individual are free to choose how balanced you want your weed. 

When mixing at home, you can decide the ratios you want your weed breeds to have. You can have a higher Sativa and lower Indica or vice versa. The best brands to mix with are hybrids. This is because they are already the result of a mixture.

With hybrids, you need to break down their potency levels and overall effect. But still, the ratio is in your hands.

Desired Smell and Outcome

The goal of mixing is to come up with a breed that you enjoy. This includes smells and effects. Terpenes, responsible for the smell in plants, are readily available in weed. You will find some smelling like citrus, others like pine, and so on. 

Hybrid plants are easier to mix because you already have a description of their burning scent. You can mix citrus-smelling flowers with pine and get the mixed scent. 

Weed Mixing and its Benefits

Without a biological research career, you can get your mixing hat on and curate yourself a strain that suits your needs. Have you had a long day at work? How about a mind and body high in similar quantities? 

Weed mixing allows you to cater to your specific needs right at home. You will greatly enjoy mixing if you are more explorative with your cannabis journey. Remember, you are always in control of the rations and weed breeds.