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What Are Swedish Nicotine Pouches?


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Swedish nicotine pouches are small white pouches that contain a pre-proportioned amount of artificial or tobacco-extracted nicotine. They contain nicotine, water, flavorings, sweeteners, and a few plant-based fibers. They do not contain tobacco plant parts such as stems or leaves. Nicotine pouches are available in a variety of flavors, such as peppermint, berries, citrus, mango, coffee, cinnamon, and a variety of mint and menthol flavors. They are marketed as a tobacco-free alternative to Swedish snus. Aside from the absence of actual tobacco plant parts, nicotine pouches differ from traditional snus as they are more durable and have lengthier shelf lives.

How Are Nicotine Pouches Used?

Unlike traditional nicotine-laced cigarettes, the use of nicotine pouches does not require combustion. When using the product, users place them between their upper lips and gums. They then leave it there for up to one hour until the nicotine is fully released. The product is not consumed by smoking or ingestion. They can also opt to chew the pouch gently to speed up the release of the nicotine. The little pouches are different from the chewing tobacco product as users do not need to spit out the contents. The pouch contents remain inside the pouches while it is being used.

Who Are the Typical Users of Nicotine Patches?

The majority of people who use nicotine pouches are current smokers who wish to cut down or avoid nicotine withdrawal, as the product is viewed as a safer alternative to cigarettes. Former smokers also use nicotine packets to deter relapse. Nicotine pouches are not recommended for non-smokers. Pregnant women, children, and other susceptible groups should avoid using the product. Users are also urged to consult with their doctors first to avoid any adverse effects. It is recommended to use the product in moderation to prevent side effects such as upset stomach and nausea. Users should also avoid sharing a pouch to prevent disease transmission.



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