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Weekly horoscope (The June 7 edition)

Uranus and Pluto begin to clash



Gemini The Twins (May 20-June 21)
Your personal decisions may serve as a catalyst for others in your life to open up, or make what appears to be sudden changes. Issues of finances and legacies are prominent. Though it may be demanded, try not to make decisions in haste.

For All Signs: It is time to present especially serious material for your consideration. Beginning this month through the year 2015, we have a series of seven clashes between Uranus and Pluto. Uranus represents the theme of economic and political justice. Pluto represents big money, worldly power, debt and the forces of nature. The energies were already manifesting in the Arab spring. The wrath of nature has become increasingly destructive. Uranus and Pluto make two exact squares in 2012, two in 2013, two in 2014 and one in 2015. The first occurs on June 24. That is right now, folks. This is not Armageddon, in my opinion, but these aspects do represent the clash of powerful archetypal energies at all levels, individual to global. There will be global reorganization of politics, power and the economy. A roller coaster ride is at hand. See more in future columns or on my website.

Aries: You may have been poised for a leap but waiting for the "right" moment. It is possible that this week brings the piece of information or the event that tells you the time is now. To others, the change you make might appear sudden, but it has been on your mind for a long time.

Taurus: Financial activities are especially noteworthy now. You are tempted to make a purchase that is showy and probably beyond your means. It is an old habit of the Bulls to go shopping when you are feeling stress. Leave the checkbook and credit cards at home to prevent impulsive purchases.

Cancer: If you have felt stressed at work or with your partner, this week may bring tensions to the surface with no more than a simple raised eyebrow. One of you will be inclined to railroad the other's point of view. The issue is over matters of control and it may be subtle. Dig until you reach solid ground.

Leo: A new beginning from one year ago has come to a turning point. You may not even recognize it anymore because so much time has passed. This is the time to decide to pour significantly more energy into it or quietly let it slip back to the ethers. (Clue: It probably is in the arena of friends or organizational contacts.)

Virgo: The Virgins usually prefer to remain on the sidelines, but right now you are bursting with the need to protect your boundaries. Pent up anger may take control. Make an effort to think before you speak. Drive very carefully. Observe yourself. You may be an accident looking for a place to happen.

Libra: The "transit of Venus" that I wrote about last week is still significant for you. Somehow you are in the spotlight, and it may be a surprise to you. Contain your ego's need to preen and hold to your personal ethics. For some, the light will be much brighter than you wish.

Scorpio: Think carefully about what is truly important to you now, at this time in your life. Don't allow old habits or rules from the past to make your decision for you. If you allow that to happen, you will truly resent the outcome. Rise above your circumstances to a level that can see beyond your ego, and the situation becomes more workable.

Sagittarius: If you have been channeling your energy into a project that has positive value for many, you may be receiving recognition and applause now. If, instead, you are working on something that is purely to make your ego more shiny, you will find others are fighting you every step of the way. Think about it.

Capricorn: You occasionally confuse what you think with who you are. There are those who will disagree with you this week. Just don't let it become a battle to the death. Your identity is not at stake in this situation. You may not like what is happening, but you can choose a better time later to argue the point.

Aquarius: Give special attention to your driving this week. Surprises may be waiting on the roads. Otherwise, this is a great week for a getaway. Do something novel, even if you don't leave home. Your mind is open to whatever seems fresh and unique.

Pisces: News concerning lovers or children is favorable. Creativity is high. Take care that you not exceed the "rules" or the "law," because the probability is that you would be discovered. The same holds true concerning excesses on any other level.

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