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Weekly horoscope (Sept. 8-14)

Be kind



For All Signs: We have experienced the square of Saturn to Neptune since the fall of 2015. It has affected each of us in significant ways. Illusions that we have held onto, even since childhood, are cracking and we cannot "fix" the damage. We can only attempt to fill in the holes or step around the losses and move forward. When I was a child, I learned that police are always the good guys. It turns out that isn't always true. Another example is that we have been coached into believing that our country is a republic with a democratic election. Many, including myself, have never heard of "special" delegates who do not have to reflect the popular vote of their states. Multiple states dumped voters from their lists so their votes did not count. The picture is egregious. All we hear is "oops, well, too bad...!" We are each personally affected with one or more crushed fantasies or illusions as well. The last square is on Sept. 10, but I feel certain the meaning of the aspect will continue until the end of this year, given we are faced with a major election. Each of us is in pain and grief about something important. The best we can do is to recognize that hurt and be kind to each other.

Aries: Events and circumstances may come up that require you to act swiftly and with an element of force. Drive carefully. Apply heavy muscle to exercise or a chore that needs to be done. Otherwise you may become snappy and are liable to pick a fight. Avoid battles over ego, which waste your energy.

Taurus: Good planning on your part allows you to help one or more others to achieve their goals. If there are "power" issues between you and another, this is the week that they will be in full bloom. Remember that Mercury is retrograde at this time and it is probable that one or both of you does not have all the necessary facts.

Gemini: This is a highly significant period in your family relationships. You have issues to work through and healing to do for everyone involved. Sidestep the temptation to drill your truth into the mind of another. If you do not share a concensus reality, then search for a higher perspective that includes both.

Cancer: This is a challenging eclipse season for you because there are three in a row. That means three times the intensity. This is a rare occurrence. This week is the valley of time between the last two. One was Sept. 1 and the last will be Sept. 16. There have been many things requiring change that have become apparent. You can manage these changes. Take them one at a time.

Leo: The bright lights of Mercury and the sun are in your house of resources and financial matters. You may not have a clear perspective on these areas. You feel the pressure to spend in a hurry. Listen to your closest friends who know you well. They can see what you may not at this time.

Virgo: Take your vitamins and get plenty of rest this week. You are subject to allergic reactions or opportunistic viruses that cross your path. Your mind may feel foggy and unclear (perhaps due to allergy medications). Drive carefully. Your dreaming mind could be especially active now.

Libra: This is an intense week. You may feel it necessary to let go of something that has been of value to you. This may be an object or possibly a family member. Do not attempt to press anyone to adopt your point of view now. That would only create negative feelings. Let some time go by to allow the intensity to decline.

Scorpio: Pay close attention to details. The situation around you may change rapidly and cause you to misplace things At the beginning of the week, a friend may offer assistance. Restlessness and high energy want you to keep moving.

Sagittarius: One of your upcoming plans may be sabotaged by the mishandling of details. Take a deep breath and try again in better times, maybe when you can move at a more careful pace. It is too easy to be angered into snappish behavior. Admit your frustration. The cosmos is rough right now, but it isn't trying to run over you specifically.

Capricorn: Your career or life direction is blending harmoniously with what you feel is the "right" thing to do. People with power are giving help and/or education as you need it. Forward motion moves slowly but smoothly. It is possible that you are the one who offers mentoring to someone newer or younger to your profession.

Aquarius: You have lost something of value. It may have been returned on a gradual basis, but it will probably not be whole as it once was. Whatever the damage, it is done, so you do not have to worry about additional consequences.

Pisces: You may have allowed your body to go without serious attention for a while. It is clear to you now that you cannot continue on that path. Age is creeping up, no matter how old you are. Saturn has been squaring your Neptune ruler for a year. If you have been wise and maintained a good health routine you will be rewarded. Saturn demands work and it also compensates fairly.

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