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Weekly horoscope (Sept. 4-10)

Energy for the greater good



For All Signs: The air is loaded with tension this week as we approach the full moon on the 8th. Mars, ancient god of war, and Pluto, god of the underworld, are in cahoots, which suggests rigid attitudes and a desire to gain one's goals regardless of the losses. On the global level there has been no reasoning with these planets for weeks on end. As individuals, we need to observe that the world circus is a battle for power amongst numerous politicos. The best use of these energies is on behalf of the greater good. We must not allow these energies to send us off on personal ego trips. The results can be ugly.

Aries: Listen to the important people in your life who comment on what you are doing. You have significant power now and could run over those you care about like a steam roller. Allow the "other" equal space, or there will be pay back later when the power is on the other side.

Taurus: Venus, your ruling planet, moves into the sector of life related to children, recreation and romance. The goddess of love is happy in this territory and often brings new energy and light wherever she goes. Your opportunities to share your love, personal or humanistic, will be rewarding.

Gemini: It is of paramount importance that you control your mouth this week. Although you have an opinion about whatever is happening, let it go and say nothing unless asked. Being "right" is not as important as maintaining human relations.

Cancer: Because you are moon-ruled, your moods are prone to ebb and flow with the tides. This is hard for children and adolescents, but adult Cancerians eventually learn to ride the emotional flow up and down more easily. The full moon on the 8th brings with it a great increase in communications.

Leo: You want to make a grand gesture, but the cost may be too great. It is best to proceed with general routine. Maybe you could offer a service instead of giving an expensive gift. You have a creative talent. There is a workaround to whatever may be holding you back.

Virgo: There may be a crisis with your children or a lover this week. There are elements of obsessive thinking and criticism involved. Be intentional about keeping an open mind and don't insist on a black-and-white answer. Ultimately, this situation is about necessary change and growth through metamorphosis. Pretty words, but not a lot of fun.

Libra: You may hear unfortunate news this week about a family member or someone from your past. It may bring up a resentment you put away a long time ago. This kind of feeling has energy and needs to be expressed. Maybe you should talk to someone you trust or write in your journal. See a therapist if necessary.

Scorpio: Think carefully about what is truly important to you now, at this time in your life. Don't allow old habits or rules from the past to make your decision for you. If you do let that happen, you will truly resent the outcome. Rise above your circumstances to a level that can see beyond your ego and the situation becomes more workable.

Sagittarius: Your exuberant heart wants to reach out in a wide circle, but a controlling power in your life is preventing you from taking action. You may feel you do not have the internal or external resources required to give what you desire. Search your religion or philosophy to find assistance.

Capricorn: The pressure of pending change is making itself known in your work arena. The fulcrum is a situation that may no longer be tolerable. It is true that change is absolutely necessary, but perhaps a shift to a totally fresh solution would take the emotional sting from the situation.

Aquarius: Listen closely to your inner self. If you have tolerated a rule well beyond its time, you may rebel and demand to do something different now. This is so even if you are the one who made the rule. Surprise, changeability and general rebellion are the qualities prominent during this period.

Pisces: The full moon is in your sign on Sept. 8. In the three days before it is exact, you may be feeling moody. If you are a woman, you may also be gaining temporary weight. You and everyone around you may be excitable now. Ground yourself with exercise or some kind of project that keeps you in touch with the earth.

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