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Weekly horoscope (Sept. 24-30)

Self-discipline needed



For All Signs: Saturn moves firmly into Sagittarius and will remain there for two years. Everyone feels the presence of Saturn, although it affects varying parts of our lives, depending upon its position in relation to the sun sign. Saturn represents manifest reality and the "rules" by which we all must live to maintain our social and personal systems. At its best, Saturn is our teacher and requires that we take a look at the facts. It insists on self-discipline, organization, definition and improving the structures of our lives in whatever sector of life it transits. At worst, Saturn symbolizes rigidity, the calcification of fears and the resulting refusal to change.

Aries: The new Saturn cycle calls upon you to study your beliefs for flaws. If they are sound, then commit yourself to establish practical ways in which to manifest them. The arena may be legal, religious, philosophical or educational. You must apply what you have learned in the secular world. You must "walk your talk." The world requires that you expand your mental framework to include a larger social structure.

Taurus: Saturn in Sagittarius will require you to focus on the consequences, responsibilities and liabilities of sharing resources with others. There may be work related to managing your own finances or those of someone else. This is a good period to tackle internal roadblocks that interfere with your ability to achieve genuine intimacy. Resources may be reduced for a time.

Gemini: The new Saturn cycle rivets attention on the quality of your important relationships. It is time to begin realistically considering your responsibilities in this area and clarify your commitment. Existing relationships will be evaluated and new purposes carved. On the other hand, it may be time to release those persons who are wasting your precious time and energy.

Cancer: This will be a period of apprenticeship. Now is the time to perfect your broad index of experience and knowledge, to practice until the accumulated bits of wisdom become second nature and highly efficient. The subsequent cycle will yield the improvement in status resulting from work now. Give special attention to routine health regimens.

Leo: This is the time for intentional application of your creative energy and to take steps toward manifesting your dreams of fulfillment. Something deep inside you, no more than three years in your consciousness, wants to be expressed. Don't anticipate grandiose results on this cycle, but there should be reasonably positive responses from the world if you are on the right track.

Virgo: In terms of worldly influence, you are at the lowest point in the Saturn cycle. Laying the foundations for years to come begins with inner work. We can produce little in the outer world until we develop a sense of a stable internal sanctuary. Define what you must have to feel solidly secure and initiate the steps that will produce it.

Libra: This is the beginning of a period for you to define and clarify your level of knowledge. You may be called upon to adopt a project requiring close concentration and communication skills. Learning to speak with a few chosen words will be important as this cycle progresses. Work toward efficiency in communication methods.

Scorpio: The new Saturn cycle asks you to more clearly define your values. You may have fewer resources available now, whether that refers to money, energy or time. Discrimination will be necessary to maximize efficiency. You are likely to voluntarily forego expenditures on immediate pleasures for longer range objectives. People commonly purchase a home or make important investments on this cycle.

Sagittarius: It is time to redefine yourself. The old way was good for a long time but it has outlived its purpose and you must now look at yourself more seriously. What is the best way to contribute your gifts to a greater whole? Focus your attention on personal identity and tighten up all life agendas to support who you wish to become.

Capricorn: This Saturn cycle asks that you be directed inward and you may choose to withdraw from the world a bit. Attempts to capitalize on social and political power will fail to make you happy. You may be drawn to work with those who are mistreated. Now is a time for spiritual refurbishing.

Aquarius: Saturn's new cycle calls you to take responsibility and clarify the role you wish to play in society. You have much knowledge coupled with many social and communications skills and talents. It is time to consider extending these gifts to a larger group. You will experience the outcome of your work during the next three years.

Pisces: This is a highly productive period. For those who are happy with life goals, the following two years brings greater responsibility. Long term goals may press you to temporarily sacrifice personal life and leisure. It is likely you are either adding responsibilities or departing an old lifestyle to begin a fresh adventure.

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