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Weekly horoscope (Sept. 15-21)

Time for self-evaluation



For All Signs: On Sept. 16 we will experience the eclipsed full moon in Pisces. It imparts the message of the Pisces/Virgo axis of the zodiac: Have we sewn enough of the right seeds, watered at the right time, and cleared enough weeds from our gardens (lives) to produce a good crop for the winter? Will there be adequate supplies to last through the long snows of the cold season? Self-evaluation occurs here with the promise of a few more warm weeks to catch up and fill in the gaps. Are the last year's New Year resolutions still in motion or do we need more monitoring and more personal adjustment before this year comes to an end?

Aries: A relationship or friendship that began with gusto in late March arrives at a point of evaluation. The question of permanence may always be an issue in this situation. The relationship may be fine, but perhaps one of you is looking for some fresh excitement. A long weekend or rest and relaxation could make the difference.

Taurus: Your moods may go up, down, and sideways this week with the eclipse. Don't take anything seriously yet. Mercury is retrograding in your fifth house of children and lovers. You may not have all the information or your imagination could be running away with you. Do not make important decisions or promises until the end of September.

Gemini: Past work on a significant project related to your home pays off now. It has demanded major attention to the details, but they are now integrating well. Contracts may be signed that favor you monetarily. The financial powers-that-be are in your favor. Take a deep breath. You've done a great job.

Cancer: People of the past may resurface. You could have a tendency during this period to slide into old and outmoded patterns of emotional behavior. Somehow they are associated with old wounds in your life and you would just as soon let those memories go back to the ethers. Don't let the old habits capture you for long.

Leo: This week is about finding healing on either the physical or emotional levels. You may be the healer or the healee. It is possible that alternative medicine may play a role. If a friendship or a more significant relationship needs mending, now is the time to do so. The willingness to open your heart and mind to give and to receive is yours at this time.

Virgo: You may be thinking about the people of your past. If you feel so inclined, pick up the phone. It is probable that others are thinking about you, too. Green lights light up the areas of love life, play, and children.

Libra: Your attitude about yourself is not altogether accurate right now. You may think way too much of your ideas, or alternately, you may see yourself as lower than scum. Neither is accurate and you should probably not make decisions of any importance this week. Spiritual pursuits are given a "go" signal.

Scorpio: One or more acquaintances from the past may cross your radar this week. This person or group may have information or a reminder that can help you on your path. The eclipse may bring you enlightenment concerning children or a lover. Finances have been a problem but you have an opportunity this week to earn some pocket change.

Sagittarius: After what seems an aeon, you have a happy development that is the result of your personal effort and creativity. There may also be a green light in relation to a lover or a child. While Mercury retrogrades, whatever you can fully accomplish before the end of September will be well. But don't count on anything that requires more than a month to finish.

Capricorn: Travel is highlighted, especially if you are returning to a place that you have been in the past. You may need to re-write or edit a paper, announcement, or public relations piece. People who live at a distance may come back to pay you a call. If you are researching an item, make sure you get info from two sources before you use it.

Aquarius: The full moon eclipse described above may bring financial information to light. If there are errors, they will show up. This may or may not be in your favor. It depends upon what you have done with finances in the past.

Pisces: The last thing in the world you want to do right now is follow routine. Give yourself some slack and take a breather. If you don't, you will resent it and that uses more energy than it is worth. Let your imagination flow and consider adding something beautiful, maybe inspirational, to your everyday surroundings. It will perk up your attitude.

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