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Weekly horoscope (Sept. 14-20)



Virgo The Virgin (Aug. 22-Sept. 22)

This is a fine weekend for travel and activities concerning the law, education or the Internet. Open your mind and your arms wide to accept expansion. Meanwhile, on the home front, you need more time to think about an issue concerning close friends or family. Your mind says one thing and your feelings another.

For All Signs: The ongoing tension between Uranus (for the people) and Pluto (for the Plutocrats) is punctuated this week by transiting Venus, who is creating a triangle among the three. Venus is the goddess that rules money and cooperative agreements. Her presence in this group is likely to bring drama triangles to both individuals and the world at large. In a drama triangle, there is a victim, a perpetrator and a rescuer. Sometimes they alternate roles. For example, the rescuer in one scenario may be turned on by both the victim and the perpetrator, and his/her role evolves to that of the victim. Previous agreements may be broken and/or negotiations may break down. Steer clear of these dysfunctional games.

Aries: A relationship or situation that began with gusto in April arrives at a point of evaluation. The question of commitment may always be an issue in this combination. Tensions that have been submerged may suddenly erupt and one of you may depart the scene. If you are in a normally stable relationship, then one or both of you is looking for some fresh excitement.

Taurus: Love life and creativity get a gold star this week. Give attention to the lead paragraph. You may feel as though attacked in your work life or with employees. If you have not been attending to your personal health, a situation may develop suddenly that is your message to get started.

Gemini: Your Guardian Angel is watching out for you during this period. You have positive news and good fortune through family connections. There is, however, an accompanying irksome situation that keeps you from feeling fully at ease. Your mind is in one place and your heart another. Take your time.

Cancer: You have a conflict between what you feel and what you think. When stuck in this place, we usually are unable to move forward in any significant way. Our minds see what is logical, rational and orderly. But our hearts are in the space of feelings, which have no rules. Withhold judgment until a solution develops that allows both rationality and can be supported by feelings.

Leo: Mars, the warrior, enters your sign this week and will be traveling with you for seven weeks. This energy is especially helpful in defining our boundaries. Periodically, we need to examine who we are and also who we are not. Often, something is eliminated. In general, Mars will increase your physical strength.

Libra: A situation with a significant other or a family member may suddenly break loose. It will require all of your natural diplomacy and self-control to avoid being pulled into a brew. Alternatively, these symbols could represent an accident or property damage at home. Be certain everything is backed up.

Scorpio: There may be a skirmish with a partner or roommate over the sharing of resources. This is not the ultimate deal breaker and the moments of discomfort pass fairly quickly if your relationship is basically sound. Don't turn the issue into a disaster. Let it go and choose a better time in the future to deal more fully with the problem, if necessary.

Sagittarius: You have a desire to reach outward to others. You want to share ideas and express yourself in a larger framework. Circumstances on the romantic front are favorable with one who shares intellectual interests. Activities involving teaching/learning are favored, along with good aspects for travel.

Capricorn: You are under a tremendous amount of stress at this time. There is pressure from both work and family. You may feel as though at a breaking point with all the responsibility and concerns. Take very special care of yourself and take your vitamins. Follow a good health regimen to get through this period.

Aquarius: You are between a rock and a hard place on an issue of law, ethics, education or religious beliefs. You have pondered this for many months and have arrived at a decision. But if you proceed, you may be in a position of abandoning someone. Or that person may feel compelled to abandon you.

Pisces: The next two weeks, focus your attention on the subject of healing. This may develop on the physical, spiritual or emotional plane. Given the mind-body connection, it is probable that work on the emotional level will heal you physically and vice-versa. If it is not you who is healing, then it is someone significant in your life to whom you are attending.

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