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Weekly horoscope (Sept. 11-17)

Talk before we act



For All Signs: Each of the planets in the solar system represents one element in the recipe that makes up our human energy. Mars was the ancient god of war. In the horoscope, this planet represents the style in which we protect ourselves or defend our positions. As our personal warrior, the sign in which Mars is placed at birth describes the manner in which we expand our life territory and where we pour a lot of energy. We might do this quietly or with a great deal of noise, depending upon the nature of Mars in the horoscope. The U.S. natal Mars is in Gemini, sign of the social communicator. As a collective we are likely to talk before we act, in hopes of persuading others to our point of view. If that is impossible, then we will move like the Twins, from two or more directions simultaneously. Since roughly the turn of the century, the U.S. Mars has turned retrograde. From that time forward into the forseeable future, we must cease forcing our business or views on any other country. When Mars is retrograde, aggressive moves prove extremely costly. At this point I think that is verifiable.

Aries: You are concluding items of business related to finances, investments or shared resources. On the 16th you will notice a shift into a new direction. It will likely be related to contacting people at a distance, preparing to travel, seeking legal or other professional advice, or focusing on education.

Taurus: You are under an illusion concerning romantic relationships. You may be perceiving yourself as selfless or the other as "too good to be true." Add a touch of realism and you'll be more accurate. You are emerging from a cocoon in which you and the other have been mesmerized by the narcotic of love.

Gemini: You are caught between what you should do and what you want to do. The routine is safe, but boring. Your mind is playing tricks. This is not a good time to do work that requires discipline with details. You are feeling independent and may want more alone time.

Cancer: Give special attention to unusual messages or to new people who enter your life. A "teacher" crosses your path in the form of a person, a book or the right message that will steer you in the next favorable direction. You may be restless and some anxiety is possible.

Leo: You have a steady mind now. It is a good time to work on a project that requires concentration. You will find satisfaction in routine activities. You may be spending time with older people, whether friends or relatives.

Virgo: It may seem that every time you attempt to concentrate, someone or something interferes. It may take several trips to the hardware store or the grocery market to collect what you need to complete a task.

Libra: Beware the temptation to feel sorry for yourself. If you want attention then ask for it, rather than sulking because someone cannot read your mind. Your imagination is vivid and dark right now. Recognize that the scenario in your head is likely not the whole truth.

Scorpio: You are entering a new phase of attention which will continue through Oct. 25. Issues of money and resources, or matters of personal values will be prominent as motivators. Be aware of the temptation to identify with that which you deem important, whether it is a material object or an idea. Do not confuse your individual identity with these things of the world.

Sagittarius: Mars, the warrior, enters your sign and will be traveling with you for seven weeks. This energy is best used to handle physically heavy projects or take initiatives that you might not otherwise tackle. You must take charge of the energy and focus it productively so it won't run you ragged.

Capricorn: This week will prove to be a fine improvement over last week's rocky path. Activities that involve higher education, publishing, travel and/or legal interests are favored. People at a distance will be helpful. This may be via conference calling or the Internet. Relationships in general are smoother.

Aquarius: This is a time in which you can make steady progress on almost any endeavor. Cohorts are available to offer assistance in your efforts. You may be given the budget to accomplish the goal. Banks or lenders evaluate in your favor.

Pisces: Beware of any martyr-like thoughts in relation to your partner(s). You could be seeing yourself as all-giving, all-loving. No one is really like that. Give what you are willing to give because you care for the other. Don't do it so that someone will see your actions and think you are wonderful. Then whatever the outcome, you won't resent it.

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