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Weekly horoscope (Sept. 1-7)

Eyes on that target



For All Signs: The time has arrived once again for Mercury to turn retrograde. Faithful readers of this column know this happens about three times per year and lasts three weeks. During the retrograde periods, communications often go awry and routine schedules are tossed in the air like a deck of cards. If we were in touch with the true message of this phenomenon, we would arrange for a long siesta, a period of rest and reflection. Since most are not, we experience delays and complications in such things as meetings, travel, contracts, and paperwork. A sense of humor is your best tool for the next four weeks. See your sun or ascendant sign below for clues about how/where this Mercury retrograde may affect you.

Aries: It is time to shift gears and focus attention on organizing all the details of your life, your body, and work. Clean out file cabinets, closets, and drawers. Organize your computer files and create a backup system. Keep your eyes on the target, the goal, or your daily regimen. Physical health is a priority.

Taurus: On the weekend an opportunity to expand your social life brings smiles. You may be invited to a party or you might meet someone new. This aspect is from Venus, goddess of love and creativity. The muse may be at your side as you produce a particularly creative idea or solution to a problem.

Gemini: You are drawn to all things beautiful and truly tempted to buy the wonderful items you see, especially those for your home. If you need to watch your dollars, leave your credit cards at home and wait a couple of days before making a big purchase. Think twice and measure three times before you make any important changes to your environment. You may easily change your mind after it is done.

Cancer: This is not your best week unless you plan to get a lot of hard work accomplished. If you become aware that you are easily angered, use caution concerning tools or machinery. Your reflexes may not be on target. Avoid speeding because there may be police on every corner.

Leo: Listen closely to your inner self. If you have tolerated a rule well beyond its time, you may rebel and demand to do something different now. This is so even if you are the one who made the rule. Surprise and changeability are the qualities prominent during this period. It may be a time that calls for you to do something outrageous.

Virgo: Because Mercury is your ruling planet and it is going retrograde, it is possible that you will change your mind about a recent decision. This is a time to be creative and check out all possibilities before you are finally committed. It is also a period that lends itself to sociability. Have a party at your place.

Libra: Do not allow others to use you at this time. This period may be difficult for those on a diet or other self-improvement program. You are prone to self-indulgence right now. You need to be taking good care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Follow any pursuit that is uplifting to your spirit and soul.

Scorpio: Prepare for a period of scarcity between now and the end of September. This could be due to debt or lack of income. Make every effort to not indebt yourself further. You will need your savings for back up. Otherwise you must work extra hours to manage your resources. Many will have prepared already because they saw this time coming.

Sagittarius: The powers-that-be in your life may seem totally unyielding at this time. Remember that the small force of relentlessly dripping water can wear away a stone. Give attention to the most minor of details and prepare to move slowly and deliberately forward. If the idea is not worth that effort, let it go.

Capricorn: You have been hoping to scale a cliff that could propel you into forward motion. Gradually you have been recognizing that something will impair your plan.This week it becomes very clear. Unfortunately, this just isn't the time that you can project yourself into the outer world. Slow down and stop churning. Mars moves into your sign at the end of September and then the path will be more obvious.

Aquarius: A significant amount of physical work may be on your agenda at this time. Whatever the project, it involves considerable lifting, pushing, pulling, and grunt work. Be very conscious of good body posture. The emotional pressure may set you up for an accident. Take your time and ask for help rather than forcing the issue.

Pisces: Your attitude about yourself is not altogether accurate right now. You may think way too much of your ideas, or alternately, you may see yourself as lower than scum. Neither is accurate and you should probably not make decisions of any importance this week. Spiritual pursuits are given a "go" signal.

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