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Weekly horoscope (Oct. 3-9)

Two eclipses to bring new challenges



Libra The Scales (Sept. 22-Oct. 22): It is probable that others in your life may be erratic. Partner(s), clientele, good friends and even professionals may be far less reliable than you would like. If this has already started, then do your best to choose activities that depend only upon yourself for a short time.

For All Signs: The month of October is likely to be truly significant in the lives of everyone. There are two eclipses, a Mercury retrograde, and the fourth exact crossing of the Uranus/Pluto square that occurs before the end of the month. Brace yourself for challenges in current events, as well as shifts and shocks in your personal lives. Mercury, ruler of business, communications and everyday routines, will turn retrograde on Oct. 21. Now is the time for the yellow caution light to begin. Prior to the exact retrograde, Mercury gives the appearance of slowing its motion before it actually makes the turn. Mercury's retrograde purpose is to pressure us to slow down, think and rethink everything before proceeding with plans. It is ideal for those who meditate and who are working on self-study. It is not favorable for moving forward with important new plans because we will inevitably find errors as we proceed.

Aries: You are standing between a rock and a hard place. Forces that are out of your reach have control. It is best to take no initiatives in any direction, lest whatever powers that be focus attention on you. It is possible that you are a pawn in someone's chess game. You will need to remain quiet for a few weeks.

Taurus: If you feel a sudden need to cut and run from a relationship, this is probably the time. It may not be permanent, so don't burn your bridges just yet. Have a cool off period and evaluate whether either of you is attempting to manipulate or pressure the other. If you really do not want to break it off, then return to the situation with honesty.

Gemini: Following the good health advice that comes your way this month will yield positive results. You may want to rebel in any number of ways, but remaining within the norms is best. Organizing will help clear the clutter from your mind.

Cancer: Your mind and heart are clearly in sync at this time. You are likely at peace with yourself. There is a solid and practical solution at hand and you do not have to quarrel with yourself over it. Activities involving your children and/or other creative products are favored. Love life flows smoothly.

Leo: Surprise, changeability and general rebellion are the qualities prominent this week. You may be the one who feels rebellious and wants to be left alone. If you have legal issues, it is best to stay within the precise limits allowed. Words may fall out of your mouth when you least expect it. Think carefully before you speak.

Virgo: Day-to-day life is favorable at present. There are no big conflicts. Social life is favored with partner, friends and neighbors. Short trips to interesting nearby places could prove refreshing and educational.

Scorpio: You have a tightrope to balance this week. It is important to use self-discipline and professionalism in your presentation. However, it is also best not to compete with those of higher status. Accept your position as a "worker bee" and do your best.

Sagittarius: Venus enters your sign this week. Her presence gives you an air of poise and people will simply like how you look. Often when Venus is prominent we become more interested in anything which adds beauty to our lives.

Capricorn: Your power of concentration is deep at this time. It is important that you use it for the good in your life rather than in self-criticism. If you cannot stop the negative self-talk, then focus on something else that is totally neutral.

Aquarius: In the big picture you may be struggling between that which is conservative or the norms versus new systems that might be better. Think of this broadly in your life. It could also be described as routines versus shake-ups. New ideas may be trying to enter your picture while you cling to the way things always have been.

Pisces: Give special attention to your health early in the week and by next week you will be fine. Pisceans are prone to allergies. If you feel "off," consider whether antihistamines might be of help. You may be prone to overindulge over the weekend. If money is an issue, leave the credit card at home.

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