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Weekly horoscope (Oct. 29-Nov. 4)

New beginnings



For All Signs: The planets Venus and Mars will be aligned on Nov. 2 in the sign of Virgo. Venus, the ancient goddess of love, carries broad feminine and romantic symbolism. Mars is the warrior god and prevails over masculine territory. The symbolism suggests the conclusion of one relationship and the beginning of another. Alternatively the conjunction speaks of the beginning and ending of episodes or cycles within a single relationship. The current closing cycle began in April of 2013. This new conjunction marks the beginning of a fresh cycle that will last for 23 months. Take advantage of this opportunity to repair rifts and achieve positive closures. New beginnings or fresh agreements in all relationships, whether romantic, platonic, or business, are important now.

Aries: It's time to take a good look at your self-care habits and beef up your resolve to avoid sliding into old patterns. Create a new agreement with yourself to exercise frequently and eat a nutritious diet. You may be at the beginning of a new job or project at your workplace or in your daily activities. Perhaps you will be sharing the load with one or more new co-workers.

Taurus: Venus is your avatar planet and this week she encounters her partner, Mars, in your house of romance, creativity, and children. If you are an artist of any type, this is the time to begin anew on a project. Trust your instincts to make new projects successful. Venus made significantly favorable aspects last week, so you may have already encountered the other.

Gemini: You may feel as though you came from another planet this week. Communications may be misunderstood, snarled, or lost altogether. Compensate for this problem by concentrating on speaking the truth as you know it, and listening very carefully to what the other tells you. You'll be back on track after Nov. 2.

Cancer: Your attention is glued on to home, hearth, and family. That includes family of origin. It is important that you share your feelings with those you love now. Let them know how important they are to you, over and above any little squabbles in the past. You will feel better for it and so will they.

Leo: During the next two weeks you will be contemplating your existence. You are thinking about how you can position yourself in order to feel more sense of meaning in your work, your family, and your relationships. Some may be pondering on the level of the spiritual. This includes thoughts like "What is the 'best' that I can become?" Stay positive and don't become overwhelmed during this time period.

Virgo: This month's Venus/Mars alignment brings you face to face with your identity versus your relationship. You must consciously evaluate how you will manage to meet your personal needs and yet remain connected to the other in your life. This is a 22-month project, so it doesn't have to be done overnight.

Libra: The Venus/Mars conjunction occurs in the 12th house of the unconscious. Scan your thoughts for evidence of a change in your attitude. Important things may be revealed through dreams. It is possible you could sabotage your primary relationships by becoming critical of little things about the other.

Scorpio: The Venus/Mars conjunction occurs in your 3rd house of the neighborhood, roommates, siblings, and nearby travel. Sometimes this house includes your usual vehicle. You may have already initiated a fresh start in any of these areas. New information that crosses your path may prove to raise your awareness of your local surroundings.

Sagittarius: Your sign is graced with a Jupiter/Uranus parallel. There may be a breakthrough on your career scene. You are able to gracefully manage almost any challenge, whether that is management, athletic, or persuading others to your point of view. You are probably in the midst of a winning streak. Projects that are concluding are very successful.

Capricorn: This is a quiet week for the goats. After the aspects from Mercury and Uranus that occurred this week, you are likely glad to have a respite. Recent changes in your home and family life may have been exhausting. Take a break and smell the flowers before returning to day to day responsibilities that may be leaving you drained.

Aquarius: This week you are leaning more into your rebellious side. This is related to circumstances among siblings, neighbors, and roommates. It could also surface while driving locally. If you are composing a letter or speaking to others in your life, you may really enjoy saying something outrageous.

Pisces: You may be in the midst of a new deal related to partnership and clientele. Perhaps you feel you must raise your fee or price if you are selling something. Or maybe you are ready to make a new statement about who you are in your partnership. The topic at hand is undergirded with the subject of resources -- how to share and how to spend.

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