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Weekly horoscope (Oct. 27-Nov. 3)

Inner criticism



For All Signs: This is yet another week of relationship focus. Give attention to partner(s) in life and think about what we have learned from each other. Rise above the mundane situation and see the bigger picture of your relationship(s). If the personality of that person irritates you, then there is something important to learn about yourself. People who aggravate us are often reflecting some part of our hidden self.

Aries: You must consciously evaluate how you will manage to meet your personal needs and yet remain connected to the "other" in your life. Someone may be "returning" after a time apart, which offers another opportunity to share.

Taurus: You are particularly devoted to resolving shared financial issues at this time. This focus includes partner's income, debts, concerns regarding income tax, social security and finances you may share.

Gemini: Life becomes less complicated this week. You are tuned into those around you and willing to assist in whatever way possible. Give yourself time for self-exploration and relaxing. Your intuition is strong.

Cancer: Your heart and mind may be in conflict over projects. This is a good time to reorganize drawers, closets, or maybe your desk. The act of putting clutter into order will clear your mind.

Leo: Give attention to that which gives you a sense of long term security. Your property or home may be the focus of attention. A lovely gift may come to you through a relative who thinks you are worthy to take care of a treasure.

Virgo: You and your partner or a close friend have the opportunity to enjoy leisurely time together. This is a good time for deep conversations and reflection on your spiritual life. Allow your intuition to flow and guide you.

Libra: A new person enters the scene to assist with problems you may be having with a child or a lover. This is someone who can see many points of view and will assist you in the situation. Criticism is uncalled for in this situation. However, things must be handled with integrity and respect for all concerned.

Scorpio: During the next week you will be contemplating your existence. You are thinking about how you can position yourself in order to feel more sense of meaning in your work, your family, and your relationships. Some may be pondering on the level of the spiritual. You may have some very creative ideas.

Sagittarius: This week you may embark on a project. Your career or life direction is blending harmoniously with what you feel is the "right" thing to do. People with power are giving help and/or education as you need it.

Capricorn: A friend or helper is a supporting background player in the territory of career or life direction. This person, who is probably a female, will be working on your behalf to help improve your status. You may never learn about what she is doing to help you.

Aquarius: A new person or an option is present in your career. The "new" one offers positive ideas and encouragement. You may be mixing business and pleasure. Business takes on a more collegial quality.

Pisces: Communication with those from a distance will be favorable. The time is auspicious for activities related to travel. You have a poetic turn of mind at this time. You likely will enjoy reading spiritual or philosophical material.

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