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Weekly horoscope: Oct. 14-20, 2009



Libra The Scales (Sept. 22-Oct. 22):

Relationship(s) to children and lovers flow well at this time. On another front, a situation is right in front of your nose that pressures you to find your center of gravity and maintain your equanimity. Things are changing within your family that confront you with a new reality.

For All Signs: Mercury has now returned to its normal speed after the retrograde of September. It meets a variety of conflicts and confrontations with other planets, which translates to the same among us on the earth. Controversies are not all bad. If we manage our tempers and hold to reasonable self-discipline, they can be informative sources of exchange, leading toward positive compromise. You are aware of how the liquid metal mercury can change direction in a split second, or divide itself into chunks. One can carefully coax the chunks and guide them back to a place of relative cohesion. Hopefully the conflicts will do the same: melt back toward a cohesive whole.

Aries: Action of this week may harken back to the eclipse of July 20. Your attention will shift to matters concerning children, play, romance and creativity for the next few weeks. If you have hesitated to ask someone to date you, next week is the time to take a step.

Taurus: Your attention turns to personal healing, diet or exercise. Something is compelling you to find a way to control your life and this seems to be a good option. The pressure is on concerning an evolving work situation. Don't obsess over it.

Gemini: There could be tension within almost any relationship in your life as the weekend approaches. You are tempted to hold a rigid attitude about what is "right" that is chafing one or more others. Your point of view alters over the weekend and then you will see through new lenses.

Cancer: In July you made a decision to never again trap yourself in an old situation that just does not work for you. Surprise! It is here again, but perhaps in different clothing. Don't allow the new situation to trick you. Keep your eyes wide open.

Leo: Giving and receiving healing of an emotional nature is the key to the week. One or more significant relationships will be relieved of stress by taking the opportunity to forgive now. Beginning on the weekend your ego may want to take over and run things. Be still for a time.

Virgo: You are likely to remain in your habit patterns and be the security space holder for everyone else. After the weekend you may suddenly let go of that issue and try a more exciting, but less secure, approach. It is one experience that represents the upcoming big changes in your life.

Scorpio: You are presented with a fear for your personal or financial security. A partner (business or personal) may be pulling the strings. Obsessing is not productive, though you will likely be tempted to do so. Change is on the immediate horizon.

Sagittarius: You have a desire to reach outward to others and they to you. You want to share ideas and express yourself in a larger framework, one that has purpose and meaning. Activities involving teaching/learning are favored along with travel and self-promotion.

Capricorn: The pressure of pending change is making itself known in your work arena. A situation that may no longer be tolerable for you personally is the fulcrum. Perhaps this is an issue that requires that you allow your previous sense of identity to be changed. If you allow your ego to make the decision, you will regret it.

Aquarius: A radical change in spending habits has been the background subject for a couple of years. At this point you very probably have acquired the "saving" habit. You will understand the reason behind all that saving soon.

Pisces: As so often happens with the Fish, there is a double layer of symbolism. There may be challenges and a disappointment in the outer world. Do not take it to mean something is wrong with you. In fact, the dialogue between you and your spirit is in sync.

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