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Weekly horoscope (Nov. 30-Dec. 6)



Sagittarius The Archer (Nov. 22-Dec. 20)

Give special attention to unusual messages or to new people who enter your life during this time. A "teacher" crosses your path in the form of a person, a book or the right message that will steer you in the next favorable direction. You may have heard this message before, but this time you are listening.

For All Signs: Mercury, the planet that rules communications, common business practice and travel turned retrograde on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 24), will remain so essentially through the end of this year. During this period, it is best to avoid finalizing major decisions or signing contractual agreements. Seemingly good ideas are often discovered later to have flaws or missing information. Projects that are begun during the cycle often cannot be completed until several months later, at the next retrograde. (Don't put a piece of property on the market now!) The cycle is most beneficially used to complete old plans, gather information on proposed ideas, and reflect on past progress. It is meant for gestation and introspection, the dark and quiet time needed for new seeds to take root.

Aries: This is not the best time for travel, legal, educational or publishing activities. If you are preparing a written or oral communication, simply document your thoughts. Don't try to finish a product right away. It will require a rewrite later. Venus smiles on your career and life direction this week. People appreciate your contributions.

Taurus: This is an interesting and favorable period for the Bulls. You are healing on both the physical and emotional levels, and friends are there for you. Travel is favored, especially if you are returning to a previously visited place. You may be discovering a new group of friends that gives you a sense of "home."

Gemini: Your partner and/or other people who cross your path at this time have messages that you need to hear. These come in the form of encouragement and positive thoughts. Even your clientele serve as mentors for you, so listen to advice as well as facts that come your way. Ponder new information for a few weeks.

Cancer: This is a very good period to give attention to all matters health-related. The right situation may just happen into your life that will offer motivation and encouragement to improve your daily routines. Don't be surprised if an animal who needs a home shows up at your door. If you accept the offer, this one will become a "guide."

Leo: This is a good period in your romantic and creative life. Let your creations (including your children) teach you something profound about yourself and who you are becoming. Beware of the tendency to impulsively overspend. If money is an issue, leave the credit cards at home to reduce temptation.

Virgo: Romantic and creative life are flowing well. Create with abandon and allow the developing piece a voice so it can tell you what it wants to do. There may be irritating issues related to home, hearth and family. These are temporary but you really are not in the mood for it.

Libra: Circumstances concerning your family may bring healing to you on a deep level. You could be realizing that there are friends who serve as "family" in powerful ways. Your perspective on who you really are is changing for the better, especially after the shocks of the last three years.

Scorpio: This is a time in which your partner is on your side and things are flowing well between you. It is a good period for coming to agreement on circumstances that have been issues in the past. You may be especially enjoying music or the arts together. Intimacy brings you closer together now.

Capricorn: You have the opportunity during this period to expand your social territory. You may also be experiencing gifts and benefits offered to you from others. This is a period that favors travel, the Internet, and good news concerning the law, education or publishing. Mercury is retrograde, however, so this good news is not the final word on the situation.

Aquarius: Your power of concentration is deep at this time. It is important that you use it for the good in your life rather than in self-criticism and obstructive thinking. If you cannot stop the negative self-talk, then focus on something else that is totally neutral. Walk the dog. Wash dishes. Move your body in order to shift away from a negative thought.

Pisces: The Fish tend to be shy and prefer to watch, rather than bring attention to themselves. However, now is the time to put your thoughts "out there" by teaching or writing. The world is moving into a time in which your ideas will not seem so strange. They are even a welcome relief to the usual fare.

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