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Weekly horoscope (Nov. 24-30)



Sagittarius The Archer (Nov. 22-Dec. 20)

Communications with family and friends is a large part of your weekend. You have a lot of energy to share and likely will be involved in activities that help you burn up some of that excess. Mental types will be interested in working on the computer or other high tech equipment. You may have a new television.

For All Signs: As everyone in this country knows, Thursday the 25th is Thanksgiving Day. There are few astrological aspects this week. One exception: Mercury is beginning to cross the path which foreshadows its next retrograde cycle. Those who have come to recognize the symptoms will note that messages and communications are beginning to become garbled or changed at the last minute. It may be challenging to know just who is coming for dinner and whether they are spending the night with you or elsewhere. People may land by accident at places they did not plan. In short, the typical retrograde experiences may begin to occur now, although with less punch now than it will be in Dec. The literal retrograde begins Dec. 10 until it turns direct again on Dec. 30.

Aries: You very likely have visitors from a distance or may be traveling yourself this week. Itchy feet make you long to do something new and different. You have a need to use your large muscles and to stay active. You may decide to complete a project started long ago or start a new one that demands physical stamina.

Taurus: You will have a laid-back holiday with time to rest. On the 29th, Venus, your ruling planet, will enter the 7th house of relationships and will be there through early January. She brings improvements in clientele, social life, and partnerships. You will be especially able to negotiate with others during this period in order to gain win-win solutions.

Gemini: You likely will have a big celebration on the holiday with lots of phone calls, visiting, and travel. Others may come to you or you may be the one who travels. By evening on the 27th you will be ready to pull away and be quiet. You will need the rest. Don't invite extras if you can help it.

Cancer: Beginning with the full moon on Sunday the 21st, this is a high-energy week for you. You have moved out of your typical Cancerian shell and are ready to greet the world and whomever comes by. You likely will be spending a lot of time with family and others from your past. Go ahead. Make that phone call. You'll be glad you did.

Leo: The heaviness and concerns of the last three weeks are lightening now. Your attention is shifting into the areas of children, recreation, personal creativity, and romance. You are ready for playtime and likely to be thinking about what fun activities you can generate. Enjoy the holiday!

Virgo: Your holiday weekend will be full and for the most part, happy. You won't know who is going to land where or when, but let go of worry of those details. If people can't settle on their own plans, then you are not responsible to make things work. By Sunday you will definitely be ready to rest. Take a well deserved breather.

Libra: The holiday will be quiet. It is possible that you will be responsible for more than your share of preparations. On the 29th, your ruling planet, Venus, enters the second house of self-worth. She will remain there until early January. Your concerns about finances will feel lightened. Meanwhile others will let you know how much you are appreciated.

Scorpio: You are in a generous, gregarious frame of mind. Your energy level is great. You may be tempted to spend more money than you have this week or make other impulsive moves that you might regret later. This is a good period to work on projects that will improve your life in the future.

Capricorn: Compared to this past year, activities this week have slowed down considerably and the immediate pressure is off for the moment. Take some deep breaths, kick back, and do some of the quiet things that you most enjoy, such as reacquainting yourself with the natural world. Don't take on stress that is unnecessary.

Aquarius: Over this holiday weekend you will enjoy having the company of friends and family. That is at least to a degree. Someone who gets on your nerves may show up as the fly in the ointment. You know ways to protect yourself when those folks are around, so feel free to hide out or have "other" things you must do.

Pisces: There is more than enough activity in your life this week. Over the holiday you may feel somewhat tense and worried about details. It feels as though there is too much to hold in your mind. Make lists. When the routine of Monday comes around, you will hit the ground running. Back up everything on your computer before you make a single change.

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