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Weekly Horoscope (May 4-10)

An overview



For All Signs This week the cosmic agenda has calmed, so I have decided to write about the significant activity in this overall month. It will help you plan better than the shorter range week-to-week forecasts. In the next column I will return to the usual format for each sign.

A big piece of cosmic news is that Mercury is stationary direct on May 3, 2017. The truth of the matter is that the period lasts an additional two and a half weeks after the stationary date because the process of returning to normal speed requires additional time.


Mercury's retrograde purpose symbolizes the need to slow down, think and rethink everything, before proceeding with plans. It is ideal for those who meditate and who are working on self-study. It is not favorable for moving forward with new plans because we will inevitably find something in error as we proceed. The next two and a half of weeks of acceleration offer us the opportunity to regroup and make needed adjustments.

The real finale of this Mercury retrograde occurs on May 20, 2017. It will become increasingly easy to arrive at conclusions and make decisions once the initial retrograding point has been crossed. If it were graphed, it would resemble the breakout point on a given stock at the NYSE.

Many planets in the cosmos are conflicting with the others. That is the hallmark of this decade. War in the solar system represents opposition and intransigence on earth. We begin a two week period now that favors moving forward and finding solutions to issues. It isn't exactly "peace on earth", but this period may ease some tensions and open the door to communications among those who are in conflict. This is true in the big picture as well as for individuals.

Saturn is moving into a favorable position with Uranus. The exact date is May 19, 2017. The energy began early this year, but with all the noise in the solar system, its meaning has been blurred beyond consciousness. Saturn rules the old, the traditional and the status quo.

Uranus points at the new, the updated, the fresh idea or technology. When they meet in a favorable aspect, it is a good time to integrate the new and the old into an improved system. The aspect favors ordered, disciplined and gradual change rather than overthrow or rebellion. This is the month the two systems may find a workable blend.

I frequently need to choose a date for personal clients that favors whatever they are wanting to do. It just makes things work more smoothly. This has been nearly impossible to find since winter.

However, I've recognized four specific dates in May that would be good for almost anything buying and selling, medical treatments, putting a house or car on the market, to name only a few.

The dates are May 9 and 10 and again on May 17 and 18, 2017. Mark them on your calendar for the month!

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