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Weekly horoscope (May 31-June 5)

The revolution won't wait for you, so prepare now!



Gemini The Twins (May 20-June 21): Mars, the warrior, enters your sign this week and will be traveling with you for six weeks. This energy is helpful in defining boundaries. Periodically we need to examine who we are and are not. Often, something is eliminated. Courage and physical strength is increased.

For All Signs: I've been describing the structure of revolutions. Step 1: The ruling class takes all the resources and then distances itself from the people. Step 2: The intellectuals develop a philosophy of freedom and rally the people. Step 3: The Powers fall and a group of moderate leaders take control. Step 4: The old infrastructure still remains in place. It requires too long to dismantle and make the big changes wanted by the people. Step 5: Fringe radicals are regrouping and becoming organized. Step 6: A reign of terror ensues while the radicals overwhelm the newly formed moderate government. Step 7: Eventually someone emerges as the new dictator. Step 8: Many of the pre-revolutionary patterns are restored and the people are left generally exhausted with the struggle. Ultimately little is changed. This is a revolutionary time for us all, personally and politically. Let us make it a time for the Good, rather than yielding to general destruction for its own sake.

Aries: During the next six weeks, your activities will be emphasized in the life sectors related to vehicles, short distance travels, politics, communications, education, your neighborhood, and siblings. Go easy on the itchy accelerator foot.

Taurus: Your ruling planet is Venus, goddess of love and the arts. "She" moves into a new sector between June 2-26. Those with siblings may enjoy improved relationships through this period. You'll be inclined to add luxury items to your vehicle, or maybe even purchase a new one.

Cancer: Venus and Mercury enter your sign this week, bringing with them general sociability. You are likely to be traveling or at least making plans for your next big trip. This is an excellent time to pursue any activity that requires your mental concentration.

Leo: You may feel the need to help someone nearby who has deeply hurt feelings. The problem is similar to one of your own in the past, so you feel a special kinship. Tending to the other's pain will help your own buried pain as well.

Virgo: You are finishing a work project and shifting gears into new territory this week. You will be focusing on communication with friends and acquaintances and building your network. Aspects favor relationships of all types, including your partner and family.

Libra: Both Venus and Mercury enter your house of career and life direction. This influence will favor your occupation and probably improve your income. Your work is on display and positive feedback comes your way. Take the added responsibility and run with it.

Scorpio: Positive news comes your way related to children, arts and education interests. You may have an opportunity to travel. Your attention will begin to shift toward issues of intimacy and partnership, financial matters, taxes and/or estate and business planning.

Sagittarius: Your partner may take on an uncharacteristic manner of self-assertion and you are prone to allow this. He or she is not so likely to back down from a fight. Life will be generally more harmonious if you stay off the hot topics.

Capricorn: Now is a perfect time to allow your partner or significant other to say what is on his/her mind. Open your heart to really hear the content of what is shared with you. A really fine conversation and meeting of the minds will follow.

Aquarius: If you are looking for a tenant or a new employee, someone will turn up now that fills your requirements and satisfies your needs.

Pisces: This is a fine time to enjoy books, TV, meditation and journaling. Give yourself time for self-exploration and relaxing. Your dreams are meaningful and your intuition is strong.

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