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Weekly Horoscope (May 23-May 30)

Get ready for the revolution



Gemini The Twins

: (May 20-June 21): You have a desire to reach outward to others. You want to share ideas and express yourself in a larger framework. It seems everyone is interested in what you think. Activities involving legal interests, travel, teaching or learning are favored. Those interested in romance may encounter someone interesting this week.

For All Signs: The current drama in the cosmos is represented by the Uranus/Pluto squares which will continue through 2015. This combination is one which fosters revolutions, whether big or small, personal or corporate. The environment for a revolution starts when a ruling class has taken all the resources and separated itself from the whole. The people are cramped and subject to scarcity and overtaxation. Then the intellectuals turn against the ruling class and evolve a new philosophy of freedom. Eventually the masses organize and demand the heads of those in power.

Aries: This is probably not fresh news, but now is the time that it is imperative to free yourself of debts and/or promises that threaten to swamp your psyche. It is possible that your struggle has materialized in your financial world. Accept that you cannot escape this problem freely, but pay the price and move along.

Taurus: The Powers That Be are in charge during this period. There may be no mercy, so it is best for you to get down to business and do what is expected. Although this is a humbling experience, you will ultimately be the better for it. This is not the best week for travel beyond your usual territory.

Cancer: There are worries stirring around in the back of your mind. They were probably generated during the eclipses. Those changes are probably still in motion. It is not imperative that you make any big decisions now. Let circumstances stir around until they settle. You will know when the time is right.

Leo: There is the possibility that you will attract someone who is needy, causing you to feel that you should help. Before you go very far, talk to your friends and ask who this person is. He/she may take far more than they can give. There is also the possibility of an encounter with a Spirit for those with an open channel.

Virgo: Now is a good time to take a creative look at your life. You have a desire to experience that which is beautiful. Perhaps you would like to paint, write, play music or enjoy another endeavor. It is possible that all this creativity is directed toward your career.

Libra: Circumstances involving love life and money may feel a bit tight. You might experience an emotional droop near the 26th, in which you perceive yourself to be alone in the world. Perhaps it is you who needs to withdraw. This is a temporary mood, so don't take it seriously. You are likely to receive both good and bad news this week.

Scorpio: Use caution when dealing with any situation that is potentially volatile. Do not use force to accomplish your purpose now or it will be used against you. The energy in your field is best used in clean competition, whether with yourself or someone else.

Sagittarius: This week is a time for celebration with those whom you love. It could be as important as a marriage, a graduation, or a family reunion. It seems you are bringing closure to something that has been on your radar for a long time.

Capricorn: A simmering brew could be evolving into a boil in your partnership(s). Step aside from verbal attacks or defenses long enough to access objective information. You need a third party who can mediate. Remaining in war mode will not help the situation at all.

Aquarius: A new initiative or idea that began in late October of 2012 has come to a point in which you can move no further without making adjustments. You may be required to wait on another factor before proceeding. Life moves slowly this week. Although things are happening, they are likely to be stymied. Let it go and take a mental health break.

Pisces: Experiences may seem surreal on some level during this week. It is also possible that you are unconsciously applying a mask to suit the circumstances. If you feel disconnected, you must go back to your center. Put your feet on the ground and breathe deeply from the roots upward.

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