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Weekly horoscope (May 12-18)

Hold that thought



For All Signs: The message in the zodiac calls us to break from living out the tired old dramas. If we are to save our world we need to change paradigms. Taking revenge for past wrongs is not a cool thing to do. Neither is acting out the same old creaking stories between men and women, or letting warriors rule the planet just because they are louder than peacemakers. Any thinking person would have to agree that continuing our warring history in the same way will not accomplish anything better than what we've got: a circus of a world that is trapped in constant replay. Each of us can choose a better option for whatever is happening personally. We do not have to be in replay mode forever. If you can think of nothing new or better to do about an issue refuse to take the same old stance. Then hold the question in mind before you go to sleep. A fresh and improved version of dealing will be "there" for evaluation in the morning or within the next 48 hours. That pressures the mind to come up with a better solution. It's miraculous.

Aries: Your planetary ruler, Mars, is retrograde throughout this month. This planet represents your aggressive and self-protective side. It is best used on behalf of someone less well off than yourself. You are drifting through a prolonged stasis period (April 17-June 27) in which it is a challenge to make forward motion. Accept this as a time of natural rest and let go of fighting the river.

Taurus: You may change your mind about a previously made decision this week. You have the opportunity during this period to expand your social territory. You may also be experiencing gifts and benefits offered to you from others. This generosity in turn, is absorbed into your psyche and you want to share with those in your life who have been important.

Gemini: It may be necessary to review financial business this week, but it will pay off around May 30th with positive results. Give consideration to your blessings and for the people around you that you love. You have an eye for that which is beautiful, shapely, and of fine design.

Cancer: During this week you will enjoy home, hearth, and family. That also includes those whom you think of as an extended family, such as coworkers or maybe a special circle of friends. The arts and all things of beauty are of a special pleasure to you now.

Leo: You may be tending to your own or another's healing on either the physical or emotional level. The emotional wound is old and is tied to a previous sense of abandonment that once occurred in your life. Somehow that old ache is being soothed at this time and you feel less isolated in the world.

Virgo: Love and social life are high on your priority list now. You may not have the time to attend to all your invitations! Short distance trips, errands, and education, whether it involves teaching or learning, are all on the A-rated list. You have a need to communicate the ideas that rush through your mind.

Libra: At long last! Money or resources that have been owed to you are beginning to return. That will relieve your mind. A tax return may be in order now. Romance and creativity continue to be on your plate in a positive way. During this period you can readily make a necessary or decorative item out of nothing of value.

Scorpio: The next couple of weeks are especially good for discussing important subjects with partners. You each are in a cooperative frame of mind and communications flow well. You can give and receive mutual help at this time and improve the overall energy in the relationship.

Sagittarius: Your physical and libidinal energy are in a dip for a few weeks. You may be surprised to find that you have changed your mind about circumstances and people in your life. Do not worry. You haven't lost your mind. You are needing a rest and will return refreshed if you relax now. Let things be as they are for the moment.

Capricorn: Your creative energy bulges with the arts. Artistic pursuits, love and romance, along with relationship(s) to children are open for your enjoyment. Someone from the past may cross your path. If it is to be, then the connection will be repeated near May 30th with greater intentionality.

Aquarius: You continue to be in a holding pattern while you wait for the debris to clear out of your way. The thing for which you wait requires time. It is a lesson in patience. Don't turn it into negative self-talk. Hang in there while mentally visualizing your desired outcome.

Pisces: This week is about finding healing on either the physical or emotional levels. You may be the healer or the healee. It is possible that alternative medicine may play a role. If a friendship or a more significant relationship needs mending, now is the time to do so. You are willing to open your heart and mind to give and receive at this time.

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