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Weekly horoscope (March 5-11)

Seeking solutions



For All Signs: Venus, the original goddess of love, money, and cooperative agreements, is in trouble this week. If the symbols are read literally, this picture might represent heinous crimes against society. The torque of tension over the world's financial balance may be so strained as to create financial meltdowns. Many personal relationships could go up in flames, unless both parties have a prioritized commitment to seek a solution to conflicts. It is human to fight major changes, so we will battle. Personally we can choose not to fight with our loved ones. We can ask the better parts of our selves for more mature ways to behave in uncomfortable situations. We need to move beyond our animal instincts as well as the ego self. Fear tears us apart. Love and respect can hold us together.

Aries: This time brings a drama with your significant other that does not even really belong in that department. Your ego may be a bit bruised, but the real wound happened many years ago. It is not fair to demand that your partner compensate for injuries of your childhood. Maintain perspective.

Taurus: You are harboring a secret attitude about a loved one. You may think it is not visible, but it erodes the core of the relationship. The probability is high that it is critical of yourself or the other. Maybe a change does need to happen, but it is not useful to pressure its creation with blame.

Gemini: Life is generally frenetic this week. It is important that you remember to hold onto the big picture of where you are headed. Don't allow the nuisance details to upset your attitude if you can help it. Remember which is the forest and which things are merely sprouts and twigs on the path.

Cancer: Your good judgment is in one place while your heart is in another. It could be highly distracting. Concentrate while driving or handling tools. If possible, don't force a decision just now. You might benefit from writing a note to yourself from the voice of logic and a separate letter that speaks for the soul so you can help them talk to each other.

Leo: This week is about finding healing on either the physical or emotional levels. You may be the healer or the healee. It is possible that alternative medicine may play a role. The willingness to open your heart and mind to give and to receive is yours at this time. Don't hang onto old pain on any level.

Virgo: Your productivity efficiency is generally complicated this week by unavailable tools to complete your work. This is a nuisance but it won't make or break anything that is truly important. Backup everything on the computer.

Libra: Changes may be occurring in your primary relationship or partnership. One or the other of you is probably trying to hang onto what is familiar. Changes and growth must be allowed to happen or the relationship will become stale. Let things flow naturally. Don't jump to conclusions or make problems bigger than they are.

Scorpio: You have an intense need to break free from whatever or whomever seems to have power over you. Along the way you might break a few dishes. That which has you trapped is not someone else as much as it is your own thought processes and belief systems. You need to access your true power from within.

Sagittarius: Don't allow fear and pessimism to interfere with your pleasure in life. If something is nagging at you, take a direct look at it. Is there really anything there, or have you invented your own worry? The blues may be your companion for a couple of days over the weekend, but the cloudy time is short.

Capricorn: There is a family member or a piece of property that is pressuring you to make a change in attitude. Somehow this brings up a threat to your control. Someone may be leaving the family home and needs your blessing. Maybe this is a person who disagrees with your long held beliefs. Will you allow this to sever ties?

Aquarius: You may not be feeling quite comfortable with yourself. It appears your mind is in conflict with your feelings. Do the best you can to deal with this issue up front, perhaps by journaling or discussing it with a friend. Ask your observing self to study the situation in order to provide you with a new perspective.

Pisces: A gift comes through a lover or a child. In spite of the frenzy occurring everywhere, you may be enjoying your time. Perhaps it is because you intuited the Venus trouble described in the lead paragraph and it turns out that it isn't as bad as you feared.

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