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Weekly horoscope (March 30-April 5)



Aries The Ram (March 20-April 19)

Give attention to the lead paragraph. Mercury is turning retrograde in your sign and will be more likely to affect your daily affairs than many of the other signs. Don't even try to finalize anything while a retrograding Mercury is with you. You may have cause to reverse decisions that you have recently made.

For All Signs: Mercury, the planetary symbol of communications and travel, turns retrograde on the 30th and will remain so until April 23. It signifies a universal slackening of pace and is best used as a time for introspection or to look backward at past experiences for advice. Humans are a stubborn lot and we usually try to keep plugging forward, regardless of what the cosmos suggests. Therefore, during Mercury retrograde periods we undergo a variety of nuisance obstacles and detours in our messages and schedules, our transportation and our ubiquitous paperwork. Have a sense of humor if you experience trouble in communications or travel now and smile ... You know Mercury will go direct in late April.

Taurus: Venus, your ruling planet, travels with you into the territory of friendships, community and organizational affairs. Over the next three weeks she will enhance your presence at any activity in this sphere. Aspects favor the repair or restoration of any relationship that has been wounded.

Gemini: Make a special effort to keep up with keys, tickets and other small items. Your feelings are easily injured right now. On the other hand, you may be the offender, hurting someone else. Try to stay on the planet and think carefully before you speak. If you feel "hurt," don't leap to a conclusion before you ask what the meaning is of a behavior or a comment.

Cancer: The new moon in Aries on Sunday, April 3, will probably cause you to sit up and take notice. During this period you may find new inspiration related to your work in the world. Yes, there are important responsibilities related to home and family and you do not want to neglect them. Even so, give thought to how you might work this fresh idea into your life in the future.

Leo: It is possible that you are being tested now. You will get what you deserve. If you have prepared well, you will win the prize or the honor. You have a grasp of the big picture, but the world calls your attention to the details and expects you to produce. You will likely achieve your goals.

Virgo: Old issues concerning the sharing of resources may be up for review again. "Shared resources" include partnership money, insurance benefits, investments or anything of value between you and another. "Resources" can be money, time or energy. Brooding over past wrongs will not help. If that wrong continues in the present, consider what you can do about it for the next month. Then act.

Libra: Your attention to the practical needs of your world is admirable. You are stable and resourceful. This week "others" in your life will call you to come out and play because they miss the part of you that can be so fun. You may have temporarily forgotten that aspect of your personality.

Scorpio: It is time to shift gears and focus attention on organizing all the details of your life and work. Clean out file cabinets, closets, and drawers. Organize your computer files and create a backup system. Keep your eyes on the target, the goal, or your daily self-care. If you pour energy into what you want for your life now, the rewards will be forthcoming later.

Sagittarius: Your mood is expansive and optimistic this week. It is one of those "good luck" times that occasionally happen to the Archers. You have a grasp of the big picture and could use this energy to promote your projects and gain support. Aspects favor love, romance and activities involving children.

Capricorn: Last fall you began a new project in relation to your work in the world. You knew it would take some time to develop, but you felt it was worth the effort. During this period you will have feedback from the world on the value of that idea. Aspects favor short distance travels or anything related to education.

Aquarius: Pay conscious attention to everything you do this week. Your reflexes are on a low cycle and you could potentially have an accident while driving or using tools. Do not speed or break minor laws while driving, lest you encounter a law officer who just happens to be on that corner.

Pisces: Venus enters your sign this week and will be traveling "with you" through most of April. Her presence gives you an air of poise and people will simply like how you look. Often when Venus is prominent we become more interested in art forms and want to make things in the environment more attractive.

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