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Weekly horoscope (March 27-April 2)

You can't trick Mars



For All Signs: Between March 30 and April 3, we will experience one of the challenging windows of this time of squares among the outer planets. The squared arrangement of the outer planets has been occurring periodically since 2011 and will continue into 2015. As the planets closer to the sun cross the already squared territory, there is a strong possibility of a lighted match that will set off problems already lurking around. I want to remind you that Mars is retrograding, so whomever sets things in motion is doomed to lose, no matter how big they are. Do not attack another at this time. If you are the target, you have the right to defend yourself and likely will win. Goading someone into a confrontation is the same as attacking. You can't trick Mars.

Aries: Watch your temper. The explosion could be in your home territory. Are you seeking independence? Think carefully about the consequences of making demands. It is possible that you are in the center while others all around are readying for a match. If you contain yourself, others will probably misbehave.

Taurus: Love life appears interesting. You have two options. One is someone you would rather avoid. Be honest and as tactful as you can. There is no way to avoid hurting this person's feelings. It isn't your fault, unless you encouraged them. The other is someone who has returned from the past and that is whom you favor at present.

Gemini: You have a desire to celebrate. The temptation to overspend is strong. Consider what would be fun and interesting that doesn't require a big expenditure. Activities concerning education and travel have positive aspects. You are in an exploring frame of mind.

Cancer: You and your product(s) are on display during this period. Maybe you didn't even intend it, but it is time to be noticed and respected. You have one issue that is brooding in the back of your mind. Just let it simmer. It will work out.

Leo: You may be the pivoting party in a conflict among others. Your position is searching for a fair and just solution for everyone concerned. If you can manage to be even-handed rather than throwing lightning bolts around, you stand a good chance of accomplishing your aim. It is your role to stand for peace.

Virgo: Love, romance and social life are favorable and bring you pleasure. You and a significant other may find healing to an old problem that has been unconsciously sabotaging the relationship. Leave blame outside the door. Focus on understanding each other.

Libra: You have concerns about financial matters. Probably you are stifling your expenditures as much as possible. Meanwhile your love life is going smoothly. Another green light is related to your creative work. Just let it fly. Leave the critic in the basement. You can clean up any errors later.

Scorpio: This is a week of "nose to the grindstone." You are in a serious frame of mind and feel a need to get things accomplished that began earlier in the year. At this point, if you are to accomplish the task, you must pour on considerable energy and resources. You have a cheerleader in the background. Take heart.

Sagittarius: This is a time in which your enthusiasm may carry you farther than you really intended to go. Take care that you don't promise more than you can deliver. There will be consequences for that. Curb your tendency to be opinionated.

Capricorn: You may be feeling challenged in the pocketbook at this time. You know how to tighten your belt. Do so without a lot of whiny thought and you'll feel better. Meanwhile, you have favorable aspects related to education, travel and communications.

Aquarius: Don't allow fear and pessimism to interfere with your pleasure in life. If something is nagging at you, take a direct look at it. Is there really anything there, or have you invented your own worry? The blues may be your companion for this week but the cloudy time is short.

Pisces: You are continuing in a very creative mode. Whatever medium you use, it becomes art and is in touch with a greater subconscious. It will turn out well. Borrow time from the practical routine in order to accomplish things now. Complete this work by July for best results.

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