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Weekly horoscope (March 26-April 1)

Altered circumstances



For All Signs: This week may have everyone reeling, to one degree or another, in the changes precipitated by the past six weeks. We are in the pocket between the full moon eclipse of March 20 and the upcoming new moon eclipse on April 4. The chances are high that you and everyone you know are scrambling to adapt to altered circumstances. Even favorable changes require us to modify set patterns. It likely will be near the end of April before the dust settles. The good news is that many of us are paddling the same boat, so we have plenty of comrades who understand the predicament of time.

Aries: This is an excellent time to pursue any activity that requires your mental concentration. The Rams are not always able to sit still enough to learn theoretical information, but right now there is a window open for it.

Taurus: You have favorable aspects in the areas of travel, the Internet, legal interests, publishing and/or education. It is possible to go overboard on luxurious purchases. If money is an issue, leave the credit cards at home.

Gemini: You may be in an excitable frame of mind this week. Sleep may be a challenge because your mental chatter just keeps churning. It is almost manic and hard to control. Exercise will be a source of grounding for all that highly wired energy. You will sleep better.

Cancer: The sun shines a spotlight on your accomplishments in the recent or long ago past. You tend to shrink back from the limelight, but others won't let you get away from that now. Smile and enjoy the pride you are due.

Leo: People from your past may resurface this week. If not specific people, then the week's experiences are somehow familiar and reminiscent of the past. School is suggested here, so perhaps you are considering whether or not to attend a class reunion. Love life is stable.

Virgo: Your frame of mind is expansive and optimistic. You want to talk to everybody in sight, but particularly to those closest to you. Virgos with clientele will have a busy week with lots of appointments and people asking questions. You will make a friend of each of them.

Libra: You have the opportunity during this period to expand your social territory. You may also be experiencing gifts and benefits offered to you from others. This generosity in turn, is absorbed into your psyche and you want to share with those in your life who have been important.

Scorpio: Aspects favor the repair of one or more relationships. Both you and the "other" are ready to speak honestly about your history and appreciate each other's point of view. Don't be serious all the time. Make some moments available for playtime too. Social life is enlivened.

Sagittarius: Your optimistic and happy attitude causes others to join your bandwagon and support your projects. You can envision a grand result and are able to express it in a way that others can understand. The reward will be great enough that everyone will benefit.

Capricorn: Romance and creativity are on your plate in a positive way. During this period you can readily make a necessary or decorative item out of anything around you. Relationships to lovers and also children are especially favored. Though you are not a gambler, you might try your hand at a lottery ticket or two.

Aquarius: A project begun in November is showing signs of growth and development at this time. Although it needs more work, at this point it shows signs of manifestation. You may be in the midst of persuading others to your point of view. Your mind is both steady and imaginative now.

Pisces: Warning to those on diet and exercise programs: this week it is just too easy to break training. If you mean what you've promised to yourself, don't go anywhere in which you would be in harm's way. It is a time in which you feel more outgoing and extroverted. Social life is a pleasure.

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