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Weekly horoscope (June 29-July 5)



Cancer The Crab (June 21-July 22)

At last — the final eclipse in your sign. Please see the lead paragraph for the headline. This eclipse season has probably been hard on you in general because we have had three eclipses since the beginning of June. Perhaps you will be able to take a breather after the weekend.

For All Signs: On Friday, July 1, there is yet one more eclipse, although we will not see it in this country. The remarkable thing is that we do not often have three eclipses in a row as we have in the last month. This is the last of an 18-month series of eclipses in the sign of Cancer. During this saros cycle of 18 months, many of us have experienced a major shift in perspective concerning "home," "family of origin," who is "in" and who is "out" in our lives. We have come to better know what "home" actually means, many of us due to losing the four walls called "home." Those of us who have managed to maintain the four walls are far more grateful than we were two years ago to have the privilege.

Aries: This is a highly favorable time to talk with significant others about your relationship. It is possible you will be involved in the making of one or more contracts or promises. It would be all too easy at this time to agree to whatever makes the relationship go more smoothly, rather than considering your needs in the situation.

Taurus: The subject of this two- to three-week period is healing. Healing comes on both the physical and emotional levels. Sharing with others and allowing ourselves to be included can be healing. Letting go of emotional garbage is truly healing. The physical body responds to faith, hope and optimism.

Gemini: Mercury, your ruling planet, moves into the sector of life related to children, recreation, personal creativity and romance. Your attention will be focused in these areas through most of July. You are absolutely a chatty Cathy this week. Be sure to share the spotlight with others.

Leo: Circumstances at work may be in a state of flux, otherwise called a "zoo." The state of your health is prominent. Good or bad depends upon how you have been caring for yourself. A new seed is planted in your unconscious that will begin to develop slowly into materialization in your life.

Virgo: There is a shift of your attention to matters of your past that may go back quite a long time. If you feel on edge, look inside yourself for meditative peace, answers to serious questions, and encouragement from your Source. Journaling, hypnosis, meditation or counseling are favored activities now.

Libra: You have been steadily working on a new, more stable identity for the last two years. At this time, one of your projects is nearly ready for its display. You can see the result of your effort and others will notice it as well.

Scorpio: This is a week which suggests circumstances that are on hold. Sometimes this aspect represents being trapped in some type of bind and unable to find a good solution. If you make the expected choice in a situation then you know you'll become angry. If you choose otherwise, you will feel "guilty" for not doing what you "should." Allow time to yield a solution.

Sagittarius: Healing is the primary focus of the time between June 15 and July 15. You need to be both healed and are in need of healing in a relationship with a family member. Even if you are the obvious "healer" in the situation, you can sense how it is soothing old wounds between you and another.

Capricorn: You and Scorpio have a lot in common this week. Your present reality is demanding adjustments. The worst case scenario is that you don't want to make a choice, so your body takes a hit. It is better to recognize that you need a mental health day and take a break from the stress.

Aquarius: If you have been involved in an important project concerning the law, travel, your church, or work on the Internet, now is the time of fruition. Assuming you have been true to your cause, the results should be in your favor. This is also a time that favors high tech communications. Perhaps you have purchased a new phone or computer.

Pisces: You feel talkative and have opinions about almost everything that crosses your path this week. Do double-check what you think are facts. Take care with how you interpret what you read and hear. Is your attitude based upon what you want to think, or does it have a basis in fact?

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