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Weekly horoscope (June 28-July 4)

The archetypal battle in the sky is Power versus Social Justice versus the sovereign rights of the individual.



Cancer The Crab (June 20-July 21)

Your plans and ideas may be challenged by another at this time. In order to hold your own in this situation, you must have clarity about who you have become. Do your best to generate a win-win situation from the duel and avoid a frank battle of wills.

For All Signs: The archetypal battle in the sky is Power versus Social Justice versus the sovereign rights of the individual. This is symbolic of the birth of the Aquarian Age. It is a quarrel that will last for much of this decade at multiple levels. If you pay attention you will see it in the news, perhaps in your neighborhood or job, and also inside your own head. For example: You like to have control but that does not really seem fair to your family or other groups in your life. Meanwhile, you know that individuals need/want their freedom, and it is not your "right" to remove it. Watch Congress for other examples of this war.

Aries: You may become caught in the crosshairs of a major tug of war. One side wants control and the other wants security. Both want you on their side but you personally seek freedom and don't want to be a pawn. This story might also be internal, a battle of three sides within yourself.

Taurus: Your ruling planet turns direct today. It may take a few days, but soon you will be ready to make a decision to move forward with your life. You have experienced a time of withdrawal. Meanwhile you have been evaluating the next step.

Gemini: You have a desire to reach outward to others. You want to share ideas and express yourself in a larger framework. Circumstances on the romantic front are favorable with one who shares intellectual interests. Activities involving teaching/learning are favored along with good aspects for travel.

Leo: On the surface of your life things could not be better. Aspects smile on your attitude and your social life. This is a fine time for a vacation or a weekend jaunt. There is a brew developing among co-workers or employees. Keep one eye on the developments.

Virgo: Circumstances at your workplace or in your life direction have improved considerably. You have the satisfaction of knowing that your work in the background helped to make the favorable changes. You likely won't toot your own whistle over it, but such is the nature of Virgo.

Libra: Your ability as a negotiator or peacemaker may be called upon now in more ways than one. People all around you are frantic. You can feel their pain even as you see them make mistakes. Hopefully you can act as the one who can help others by offering a fresh perspective.

Scorpio: Drive and use tools with special care this week. You may be distracted and thus open for an accident. You are stretched like a wire, and it is important for you to take very good care of your physical and mental health.

Sagittarius: This is a wonderful time for a vacation. All the aspects suggest "go" signals. Personal and social life will flow easily. If instead, this energy is directed toward teaching or learning, you still have a glowing report.

Capricorn: The time is a study in the use of power. There are issues related to your home and/or family that are threatening change, so you may feel out of control of your situation. Your significant other, client or partner demands security regardless of cost.

Aquarius: People around you, especially those at the workplace, may be caught up in crises. Offer empathy, but don't take over anyone else's problem. It's far too complicated for your mental health. Issues in love life or with children may seem tiresome.

Pisces: Avoid allergens at this time. Your immune system is in a mild droop. You may be entertaining guests in your home during this period. Communication in all forms may be prominent. Steer clear of anything that looks like it is "too good to be true." It is!

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