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Weekly horoscope (June 27-July 3)

Expect a universal slackening of pace



Cancer The Crab (June 20-July 21): Mercury is turning retrograde in your sign and will be more likely to affect your daily affairs than many of the other signs. Don't even try to finalize anything while a retrograding Mercury is with you. Use the energy to research information and gather resources for good decisions later.

For All Signs: Mercury, the planet that "rules" communications and travel, turns retrograde on the 26th and will remain so until July 20th. It symbolizes a universal slackening of pace and is best used as a time for introspection. Humans are stubborn and we usually try to keep going forward, regardless of what the cosmos suggests. During these periods we undergo a variety of obstacles and detours. Have a sense of humor and smile if you experience trouble in communications or travel. Mercury will go direct in July.

Aries: You have more energy than you know how to manage this week. Use caution when driving because your accelerator foot is probably heavy. Put that muscle into making improvements in your environment. Be aware of your tendency to overwhelm others now.

Taurus: Venus is your ruling planet and "she" represents your affectionate personality, along with your attraction to beauty in all its forms. Between June 27 and July 21 she is traveling through the sector which is related to home, property and family matters. You will be sorely tempted to redecorate, but curb your appetites.

Gemini: The probability is high that you will discover some error made in the past that must be rectified fairly soon. It may be as simple as finding a bill that was forgotten and left unpaid. Or it could be a little more complicated and involve a previous misunderstanding with a loved one.

Leo: You are in the right place at the right time. Contain your need for action or aggression, but listen to the intuitive feelings/words/images that are steering you. Don't allow your ego to take the reins or you will lose the special guidance coming to you from your wiser self. Your consciousness may feel like a mess, but go deeper to find the treasure.

Virgo: Mercury is retrograding in the territory that concerns friends, organizations, and community contacts. You may be having difficulty bringing things to fruition or conclusion in any of these areas. Perhaps you are compelled to put previous plans on hold. Resolution comes late in July.

Libra: Necessary expenses (not of the "fun" type) may develop this week. If not that, you could be just having a little blue mood. It is one of those times when we operate better in solitude. This is an existential dilemma that everyone encounters now and then.

Scorpio: Circumstances around the workplace or daily routine are a big challenge right now. Someone in your usual environment is particularly irritating and has been for quite a while. This situation could push you over the edge of losing your temper and unfortunately, it is you who will suffer the consequences.

Sagittarius: A trend began in your life that will continue through September. This is a time to learn the skills that will help you perceive more deeply what is happening around you. You may reflect on your past to make sense of many of your experiences.

Capricorn: You may be in the position to act as a significant catalyst in a local drama that will serve to achieve a powerful focus on environmental issues. It may not be your place to lead but to serve as backup. If leadership does happen to land upon you, by all means use it for the greater good.

Aquarius: You have the practical experience and the imagination to find a solution to the problems around you. This is a call for the humanitarian inside of you to come to the foreground. Others are likely to follow your lead. Don't let the interior critic cause you to hide your light under the proverbial bushel.

Pisces: If you have developed your intuition in the past, you may be asked to teach this skill to someone else. If you are a younger Piscean, the opportunity will arise for you pursue your spiritual life. Don't overlook your opportunities to explore the psyche deeply.

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