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Weekly Horoscope (June 22-28)

Summer Solstice



For All Signs We arrived at the point of the summer solstice at 12:24 a.m. EDT today on June 21, 2017. This is the point of the year at which the northern hemisphere is tilted closest to the sun. This is also theoretically the longest day of the year. For centuries, pagans (country people) celebrated this day with prayers and requests for blessings from mother earth, who would soon yield the summer harvests. Take a moment to give honor and thanks to the trees, which are weakening in their battle against our pollution. The solstices and equinoxes throughout the years are especially significant points in time on this planet. Give attention to the main events both one month before and after the solstice. They represent a global message.

Aries Going off on your own might make your life easier for the next few days. However, give more attention to the roles played by the important people in your life. The reward might be longer term peace and harmony. You have to decide which is more valuable: short term freedom or the support of a longer term relationship.

Taurus Circumstances will work in your favor as you deal with travel, legal interests, higher education, religious activities, and/or publishing matters. In some situations, it is a matter of good will from others. In other situations, it may just be your good fortune that the rule of the Powers that Be helps things flow in your direction.

Gemini Your ruling planet, Mercury, moves into the sign of Cancer for the next two to three weeks. Your attention will be drawn to organizing your financial picture. Be open to a realistic check on this area. If there are issues, leave the credit cards at home on the weekend. You will be prone to overspend.

Cancer (June 20 – July 21) On June 21, 2017, not only will you have the solstice (see lead paragraph) but also Mercury enters your sign. You may need to think out loud about whatever you are pondering. If there is no one to listen, satisfy that need by making outlines or lists. Your mind is flowing with good ideas. Perhaps you need to diagram how all these things fit together. Your mind is working fast. You will need to find a way to bring order out of the apparent chaos.

Leo the Lion It is normal to feel somewhat lethargic during the month just prior to one's birthday. At this time the sun is figuratively at its darkest and we experience a natural low in our personal annual cycle. Don't take the dip too seriously. It is meant to happen this way, so that you can rest before your new year begins. Take a vacation if possible.

Virgo You are finishing a work project and shifting gears into new territory this week. You will be focusing on communications with friends, acquaintances, and building your network. Near May 27, 2017, you are tempted to speak about things that are better left unsaid. Avoid the temptation to gossip.

Libra Aspects favor collection of debts and small gifts or favors from others. All you must do is be present and open to receiving them. Communications with family and friends is a large part of your weekend. You have a lot of energy to share and likely will be involved in activities that help you burn up some of that excess. Keep your opinions to yourself unless asked.

Scorpio Take yourself outdoors this week and enjoy the summer weather. Go somewhere or do an activity that soothes your nerves and offers peace of mind. Things are improving in your primary relationship. Perhaps you are using better diplomacy, so exchanges go more smoothly.

Sagittarius You are especially interested in paying off debts and organizing your finances. In less than a year you will make some big changes and you don't want to be encumbered by bills or financial promises that might slow your forward motion. Time with family and home interests are rewarding to you now.

Capricorn The bells of romance may be ringing this week. You are unusually open and friendly, which attracts people to you. If you have wanted to ask someone for coffee, now is the time. You are also especially creative. That does not imply that you should do something artistic, but you may have a good time with any type of media.

Aquarius This is an unusually quiet week for the Waterbearer. Your avatar planets are Saturn and Uranus. During this week neither of them is sending you new messages. Chill. Take a week's breather. Go on a vacation. Read some books or watch good movies.

Pisces This is a fine time to enjoy books and/or TV, meditate and journal. Give yourself time for self-exploration and even just "diddling around" and relaxing. Your dreams are meaningful and your intuition strong. Romance is on the horizon if you are interested. Allow your intuition to be your guide.

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