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Weekly horoscope (June 19-25)

Work up a sweat



For All Signs: For the next two weeks, Mars is opposite Uranus and very close to the square of Pluto. When these energies are working in combination they are known by astrologers to be very powerful, toward the good or ill. Both are hard on the physical body. Mars increases adrenaline and cortisol, resulting from the stress of will. Uranus is high wired with excitable energy that feels like electricity flowing through the brain. When these two operate together it is important to keep oneself grounded. When they are at work we often get high on our excitement and cannot sleep well. It is mandated that we exercise, which uses up the excess hormonal rush and settles us down.

Aries: You have been dealing with a dilemma over recent months. You want to manage your own life with few, if any "rules" imposed upon you. This is fine. However, where does that leave the other people in your personal circle? This week they will be the squeaking wheels. Following one's path while maintaining a relationship is an existential dilemma that many face.

Taurus: You are in an especially cordial frame of mind at this time. You are likely to invite people to your home or to share whatever you have to offer. Toward the end of the week you will shake the dust from your feet on a relationship that has nowhere to go. Then you can move on to new vistas.

Gemini: You may be drawn to reminisce over the past. Photos and other memorabilia starts the reflective motor. Love life, play and activities with your children have go signals. Communicating about the past gives pleasure and you may get in touch with someone from a long time ago.

Cancer: The summer solstice occurs on June 21, as the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer. It is possible that something from your past will surface and claim your mood. At the solstice we are encouraged to let go of past hurts and take a deep breath of healing energy. Now is the time to focus on where you want to direct your energy in the future.

Leo: You may be pestered by memories of times in which you felt you failed or didn't meet expectations. Ask why you need to review this now. Is there something to be gained here? If it is simply repetition of old fears, then take what you really need to remember and toss the rest away.

Virgo: Your mind and heart are clearly in sync at this time. You are likely at peace with yourself. There is a practical solution at hand and you do not have to quarrel with yourself over it. Activities involving your children and/or love life are flowing smoothly.

Libra: If you feel anger brewing below the surface, speak up during a quiet moment of conversation. Don't ignore it or a sudden and unexpected episode may cause you to explode. Your reflexes and reactions may be too quick for your own good.

Scorpio: There are so many pistons firing in your brain that it must be really hard to concentrate. You have a short fuse. Burn away some of that energy with physical exercise. People around you may explode with anger over small issues. Give attention to driving and the use of tools.

Sagittarius: Early in the week an opportunity to expand your social life brings smiles. You may be invited to a party or you might meet someone new. This aspect is from Venus, goddess of love and creativity. The muse may be at your side as you produce a particularly creative idea or solution.

Capricorn: Intensity in relationships is the theme of the week. You could be pulled into schemes of manipulation or compulsive behaviors. Existing relationships could re-experience the pain of old wounds. You have a choice to work it through or act it out in the same way as the first time.

Aquarius: You may be under pressure to follow through and display work that you have been doing since last fall. There is also a sense that you have become bored with the project. Return mentally to the place you started in order to re-ignite your passion. This is not a time to quit.

Pisces: In recent months you have had reason to be concerned for your health. You have worked on your health habits in order to make improvements. Don't backslide now. If you have ignored the signs and failed to respond, the underlying cause will go underground, only to resurface again later. You can't escape this one.

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