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Weekly horoscope (June 16-22)

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For All Signs: We will arrive at the summer solstice on June 20. This is the point of the year at which the northern hemisphere is tilted closest to the sun. Therefore this is also theoretically the longest day of the year. For centuries, pagans celebrated this day with prayers and requests for blessings from mother earth, that would soon yield the summer harvests. The solstices and equinoxes since 2010 have been especially significant points in time on this planet. This era is critical to life on and of the planet. Give attention to the main events both one month before and after the solstice as symbolic of the season we enter.

Aries: Whatever is occurring in your life at this time is clearly intense and emotion-laden. You may feel as though your very life depends upon making your point of view heard and acknowledged. It is important to play your personal political cards carefully. Don't take the initiative until after Mars goes direct on June 30.

Taurus: Your ruling planet is Venus, goddess of love and the arts. "She" moves into a new sector now through July 10. Your attention will be drawn to parties in neighboring areas and with those of your usual environment. Those with siblings may enjoy improved relationship through this period. You'll be inclined to add luxury items to your vehicle, or maybe even purchase a new one.

Gemini: You and a partner, whether business or marital, may be having challenges in communicating. There is something confusing the works. One of you may not be clear about the issues or you each have different goals. Maybe you are not even talking about the same thing.

Cancer: Venus enters your sign this week and will be traveling "with you" through July 10th. Her presence gives you an air of poise and beauty, and people will simply like how you look. Often when Venus is prominent we become more interested in art forms. She has the power to turn introverts into extroverts for the short period of her journey. We have a greater need and desire to be with others, or they with us.

Leo: All forward motion is put temporarily on hold. You must slow down to manage health issues, whether that of yourself or your partner. Be patient. The structure needed to accommodate your original plan is not in place anyway. Time is required while you or someone you care about heals.

Virgo: You may be feeling confused by your partner(s) or contractors. This interferes with your ability to make decisions about your home base and next direction. Ask questions of this person to help you access clarity. If the answers are vague or even more confusing, that means something is "not right".

Libra: For the next three weeks your activities are on display. Others are noticing your performance, so make it great. You may be standing in the limelight. Your leadership gifts come to the foreground at this time. Matters of love and romance likely will become more important.

Scorpio: Your ruling planet, Mars, is retrograding in your first house through the end of June. Your feelings are intense and you have anger that is hard to resolve. Don't turn it against yourself during this period. This is an internal struggle between one value and another. It is not cause for self-destruction. Make an effort to contain it with a lighter attitude.

Sagittarius: Relationships to partner, whether business or personal, and family are strained at present. If you feel discomfort, look for the assumption or the illusion that is cracking. It is painful. The relationship will ultimately be improved by the honesty or the alternative, broken. Either way, you will be in better condition long term.

Capricorn: Beware of the tendency to obsess and worry over matters that may never happen. You are tempted to see the world through a dark lens this week and you may think that is the true version. It's more likely that the pessimistic view is extreme. If you spend much energy here, you may be plagued by ill health.

Aquarius: The more you attempt to hurry, the more rocks in your path. You might just as well take your time and allow things to develop as they will. Rushing along will not get you there any faster. Anger may be present and likely is worthy, only it just causes you more stress and may even interfere with the process of improvement.

Pisces: You must work hard to manage your communications at this time. Your situation may require you to use an unaccustomed vehicle, such as writing, to make yourself understood. It is necessary that you be as efficient as possible and cannot scatter your thoughts or your words. Some important bits of information could be hard to find.

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