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Weekly horoscope (June 15-21)



Gemini The Twins (May 21-June 20)

There may be a crisis with your children or a lover this week. There are elements of obsessive thinking and criticism involved. Be intentional about keeping an open mind and don't insist on a black and white answer. Ultimately this situation is about necessary change and growth for everyone involved.

For All Signs: The full moon eclipse of June 15 is adding punctuation to the already explosive aspects of this year. This is where houses built of cards will stagger toward a fall. That includes global, national, regional and personal arenas. Even those who have built their houses of bricks will feel the brunt through others in their lives. Hold in mind that the things that collapse were not initially solid. Because humans do not take action except in discomfort, this is what we get for our lassitude. Crises open the way for positive transformation.

Aries: The full moon brings to light whatever you need to know about relationships to siblings, roommates, schoolmates and neighbors. It also may bring attention to your vehicle in some way. A weird noise becomes a breakdown, for example. Review habit patterns of thought and correct whatever serves you poorly.

Taurus: Social and romantic life is favored this week, particularly over the weekend. You may be mixing business and pleasure in a pleasant combination. This is a good time to discuss issues within a relationship because you are steady of mind and likely to be realistic, in relation to yourself as well as others.

Cancer: During this month you are dealing with the infrastructure of your life. Whatever areas are weak will squeak loudly and beg for repair. Projects that you noticed near the equinox (March 21) will become more demanding. Fortunately the Sun and Mercury are in your sign and boost your strength and determination.

Leo: The Lions experience a twist of annual fate. For one month, beginning at the summer solstice, it is a time of retreat. This time is meant to help you recharge, refuel and become more clearly in touch with your inner self. Allow extra time to meditate, reflect, journal and read spiritually uplifting material.

Virgo: Circumstances this week favor healing within a significant relationship. At this time, both you and the Other can allow yourselves to be vulnerable enough to discuss and work through hard topics. Challenges concerning shared resources (time, energy, money) may be at core here.

Libra: Beware of the tendency to obsess over matters that may never happen. You are tempted to see the world through a dark lens this week and you may think that is the accurate version. It's more likely that the pessimistic view is extreme. Set fears on the back burner for review at a later time when you feel better.

Scorpio: This is a week in which you will tend to be thinking obsessively. It is an opportunity to learn how to better control your mind. Shift your attention to something less dramatic, such as whatever is happening this moment, rather than worrying over what might happen in the future.

Sagittarius: This is a favorable month for you in general and things are flowing freely. Resources are available as necessary for you to manage your projects. Circumstances with family members are showing promise and you are feeling more in sync with the world these days.

Capricorn: You occasionally confuse what you think with who you are. There are those who will disagree with you this week. Just don't let it become a battle to the death. Remain aware that your identity is not at stake in this situation. Ideally, you will be open to considering new information that crosses your radar.

Aquarius: Changes in your daily routine this week may be unsettling. You may feel a little off-balance. The materials that are normally available to help you accomplish everyday projects are missing, broken or somehow out of reach. This is passing. Focus instead on the positive experiences with a lover or with your children.

Pisces: This is a fine time to enjoy books and/or TV, meditate and journal. Give yourself time for self-exploration and even just "diddling around" and relaxing. Your dreams are meaningful and your intuition strong. You will enjoy a positive flow with almost everyone around you.

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