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Weekly horoscope July 7-13, 2010



Cancer The Crab (June 21-July 21):

The eclipse on the 11th says that your personal identity is the subject under consideration. Who are you becoming? Who do you need to be? How can you develop an individual identity that is workable while simultaneously maintaining a personally rewarding relationship?

For All Signs: This summer is a time of crises which force change. Whatever is not working must be tended or left behind. In many situations, such as the BP oil spill, there is no option to abandon that broken project. This week we will have the second of two eclipses which punctuate the dramas going on all around us. Whatever our stories might be, we can no longer use evasion and denial as a means for escape. Issues must be faced and repaired so we can move forward. Keep your eye on the long term potentials that may develop once the current troubled situation is cleared.

Aries: During this period you may feel the need to back off from an activity that requires commitment. This is a good time to examine your fears and question whether old issues should be in charge of your present behavior. Calm your mind by organizing your garage, file cabinets, or anything in your outer world.

Taurus: You are prone to illusion at this time, particularly about your importance in the world or in your career. You may perceive yourself as much better or worse, but the probability is that you are not seeing things clearly. Let your imagination operate as it will, but know all along that it is may not be realistic.

Gemini: This week is strongly positive for the Twins. Teaching or education is favored, along with activities related to high-tech equipment. Those in the market for a new car or an apartment may find just what they are seeking this week.

Leo: The scales fall from your eyes as an illusion is vaporized. This occurs in the areas of friendship, lovers, children, or yourself. (Yes, we carry illusions about ourselves.) Nothing really has changed. You simply see what is and what is not there.

Virgo: A relationship situation requires considerable empathy and compassion on both sides in order to work your way through a dilemma. Someone's feelings are hurt. You have both stumbled into an old abandonment wound that complicates the situation.

Libra: A bit of R&R is in order. You are in need of some time for introspection and reflection. Although the Librans are fond of people activities, now is a good time for a relative withdrawal into the quiet.

Scorpio: This looks like a week in which uncomfortable circumstances develop that bear a strong kinship to your past. It could go back far enough to trigger family of origin material. Make an effort to stay in the moment.

Sagittarius: Circumstances on the romantic front are favorable. Your partner (or someone important to you) wants to discuss core issues. If you allow yourself to be open things will flow well and you will come to a state of peace on a variety of intimate subjects.

Capricorn: Aspects suggest you are bringing the last threads of a project to completion. Now is a good time to organize it and file it away for use in the future. Then you can freely turn your mind to positive energies coming your way related to travel, education or publishing.

Aquarius: Beware of any martyr-like thoughts in relation to your partner(s). You could be seeing yourself as all-giving, all-loving. No one is really like that. Give what you are willing to give because you love the Other.

Pisces: Beware the temptation to feel sorry for yourself this week. If you want attention, then ask for it, rather than sulking because someone cannot read your mind. Your imagination is vivid and may be dark right now.

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