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Weekly horoscope July 21-27, 2010


Leo The Lion: (July 22-Aug. 22)

No matter how well meaning you are, others may misunderstand and be offended. The issue is over ego. If the Other needs to cling to it, let it be. You have a grasp of the big picture and many around you cannot fly in the ethers with you or understand your perspective.

For All Signs: Saturn, ruler of the status quo and the "rules," is in dramatic tension with Uranus, planet of change and even rebellion. Each of us has struggled with the tightrope between the need for change, making the break for freedom, and our desire to maintain worldly security. The ideal solution is one that generates a creative alteration without totally annihilating stability. Most have opted for security during this period, but Saturn is moving away from the tension now. This implies we are right on the brink of declaring liberty from that which has kept us bound by fear.

Aries: It is possible that you are experiencing considerable anger or frustration during this period. It probably involves your work and co-workers or employees. You may be at a plateau in that department, but soon you will move forward.

Taurus: This week will probably flow smoothly. Love and social life are favored. Activities involving travel, education, teaching will be positive. Those with legal issues will find favorable news this week.

Gemini: You may feel confrontational and argumentative this week. Choose your words carefully because you are prone to draw inaccurate conclusions. Make sure you understand what the other is saying before you act or respond to it.

Cancer: You and partner may have a difference of opinion on how money should be spent. You will reach agreement by making a list of pros and cons. Probably the better alternative is on the side of conservatism.

Virgo: The Powers That Be in your life may seem totally unyielding at this time. (This might also include your body.) Remember that the small force of relentlessly dripping water can wear away a stone. Give attention to the most minor of details.

Libra: One side of you is devoted to maintaining the status quo and following the rules. Another side of you can be the rebel deluxe. Librans generally prefer the middle, but in this situation, you are probably more comfortable on the side of tradition.

Scorpio: You are walking a tightrope while you wait for something very important to happen. You want to break free and do your own thing, but the potential outcome is too important for you to take flight yet. Keep breathing deeply and move one foot in front of the other toward your goal.

Sagittarius: You may very well be involved in an ambitious project. You must take care with those who could stop you. If you press as hard as you want to, you likely will encounter resistance from these folks.

Capricorn: It is time to prepare for a major shift of gears. Finish organizing all the details of your life, your body and work. Whatever file cabinets, computer files, closets and drawers that have not been given a thorough cleaning need it now. Soon you will launch into a new adventure or a change in lifestyle.

Aquarius: You may be overloaded with ideas, plans, and potentially inflated expectations at this time. Talk over important changes with a trusted friend or a counselor. Sometimes we are unable to recognize and interpret facts objectively. Does your best friend see things as you do?

Pisces: There is an old saying: "Don't believe everything you think." Take this one to heart this week. Your feelings and thoughts may be only projections of what you want to think. You might identify a piece of information as a truth, when indeed, it is merely your opinion. You are prone to overspend now. If this is a problem, leave the credit cards at home.

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