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Weekly horoscope (July 19-25)

A look ahead to Election Day 2012



Cancer The Crab (June 20-July 21): Your mood is expansive and optimistic this week. It is one of those sunshine times that occasionally happen to the Moon Children. You have a grasp of the big picture and could use this energy to promote your projects and gain support. Or you could simply kick back and enjoy the good feelings.

For All Signs: The 2012 Election. I wrote a paragraph in the annual column about the peculiarity of the date, Nov. 6, 2012, and I will repeat it here. On the evening of the election, with one hour left until the polls close on the eastern seaboard, Mercury will turn retrograde. The only other time that I know of when the same thing happened on Election Day, is the Bush/Gore ticket of 2000. So what did Mercury symbolize? The inability of the electorate to count their votes in Florida. I had figured snafus with the ballots or counting in some way at the time because those are the kind of details that Mercury rules. I was thoroughly surprised at the major impact of the outcome. Mercury's change of directions on Election Day 2012 will have a definite and noticeable effect.

Aries: You have been dealing with a dilemma over the past two to three weeks. You want very much to manage your own life with few, if any "rules" imposed upon you. This is fine. However, where does that leave the other people in your personal circle? This week they will be the squeaking wheels. It is a challenge to do your own thing and also be in relationship.

Taurus: You do not have new aspects this week. That is another way of saying that new issues will probably not land on your doorstep. You need to reorganizing space in your home or office so that it will feel more open and airy. You seek something of a grand and gracious, luxurious environment.

Gemini: This is a really good week to focus your energies on lovers, children, siblings and the neighbors. You are the social butterfly of the week. Your perspectives on the world can be broadened. This may come through travel and education. Association with organizations or with like-minded individuals will help you to find ways to apply your newfound perspectives to your daily life.

Leo: The sun returns "home" to your sign this week. You likely will find it to be energizing. Now is the time to focus on new plans for this next year of your life. Take a fresh look at where you want to direct your attention. Use this month to let go of past hurts and take a deep breath of healing energy.

Virgo: "Returning" may be your byword for this week. Visiting old friends or places from the past could be especially rewarding at this time. If there is anyone that you have wished you could reach, give it a try now. It is also possible that someone from your past may contact you.

Libra: You may attract people into your life who behave erratically or are in some way unusual. This might even include your partner or a close friend. Make no judgments, but ask questions about the reasons for this behavior. There just might be a "message" in this experience that will teach you something about yourself.

Scorpio: If you feel anger brewing below the surface, speak up during a quiet moment of conversation. Don't ignore it or a sudden and unexpected episode this week may cause you to explode. Your reflexes and reactions may be too quick for your highest good. Use caution when driving, dealing with tools, and in exercise.

Sagittarius: This may be a moment of breakthrough, in which you come to understand yourself far better than in the past. You have an aspect that suggests an "Aha!" experience, but you must have your inquisitive mind ready to recognize it.

Capricorn: This week could be a challenge physically. Use excellent body English on any physical projects, lest you twist an arm or an ankle. If you overindulge anything "wicked," there will be you-know-what to pay. So, if you happen to be susceptible to binges, don't even start.

Aquarius: At this time, you are ripe and ready for change, but you are not in a state of revolution. Seeing things in a new way or looking at them from a different perspective will open the door. Your guide may be a lover or a child.

Pisces: An expansion, rearrangement or remodeling of your home gives you something to feel good about. On another level, you have worked your way through a new stage of spiritual growth. Don't worry. This is not all there is, but the doorways are opened to gain new ground.

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