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Weekly horoscope (July 18-July 23)

Creative energy is everywhere



Cancer The Crab (June 20-July 21): Day-to-day life is favorable at present. There are no big conflicts between you and anyone of importance. Social life is favored with partners, friends and neighbors. Short trips to interesting, nearby places could prove refreshing and educational.

For All Signs: This will be a period in which many things seem to go "right" rather than "wrong." Circumstances may fall right into place for you, assuming you are on your true path in life. Creative energy is everywhere and empathy is at an all-time high. If you are working for social justice, this is an important point of the summer. The veil that keeps us separated most of the time is thin right now. You may be able to reach those who would not hear you in the past.

Aries: You have a choice to make now. You can insist on having your own way and remain solitary or you can throw your energy in the direction of a cause for the greater good and you will gain friends. If you follow the latter path, you will quickly become a leader.

Taurus: Early in the week, you feel irritable with almost everyone. There may be one or two that you decide to write off your list. On the 22nd, you enter a new frame of mind and potentially a fresh start in your love life as your ruling planet, Venus, moves into the sector of life related to children, recreation and romance.

Gemini: Your mind and heart are clearly in sync at this time. You are likely at peace with yourself. There is a solid and practical solution at hand and you do not have to quarrel with yourself over it. Activities involving your children and/or other creative products of your being are favored.

Leo: Others in your life will be drawing deeply from your emotional resources. It is fine to hold onto your boundaries and not give away the store. If you go too far, you will become resentful and that won't help anyone. Work toward balance between giving and self-care.

Virgo: Venus enters your sign this week and will be traveling with you through Aug. 15. Her presence gives you an air of poise and beauty, and people will simply like how you look. Often when Venus is prominent, we become more interested in art forms and people. Introverts will turn into extroverts for the short period.

Libra: The early part of the week will be especially high-pressured and challenging. You will be dealing with people who are tense and looking for a fight. You are in need of some time for introspection and reflection. Withdraw into the quiet or go on vacation.

Scorpio: General good fortune is with you at this time. The potentials for romance and travel are high. Aspects favor any dealings with persons of another culture, or from a long distance. It has been a really long time coming, but this summer brings you opportunities due to effort you have previously invested.

Sagittarius: You are ready for an adventure. It may already have begun, but now you are clearly on target. Love life and romance have "go" signals and you can move forward without hesitation. You have plenty of energy and this is a joyful time in your life.

Capricorn: If you are building up to a fight for "truth, justice and the American way," then this is your month. To put it another way, if you are seeking a goal that is for the greater good, you will have fellow travelers who join you on the march. Your partner and friends are there for you and the spirit is high.

Aquarius: If you are looking for a job or in search of a freshened life direction, this is your week. Actually, this time frame for you goes on all summer. You are ready to get organized and interested in self-care via diet and exercise.

Pisces: Your intuition is wide open and the muse is on your shoulder. All you need to do is ask for help. Your creative juices are flowing freely. Those interested in a lover will find potentials everywhere you go. Aspects favor travel, legal and educational concerns.

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