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Weekly horoscope (July 17-23)

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For All Signs: Our largest planet, Jupiter, moves into the sign of Leo on July 16 and will remain in that sign for a year. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, optimism, philosophy, travel and education. It represents improvements and growth in whatever department of life it touches. The dark side of Jupiter can expand growth into grandiosity. Its last sojourn through Leo occurred during 2002 and 2003, so review that era for comparison.

Aries: The time has come to relax and play. All types of creative work will be enhanced. Those who want children or a new love affair will likely be granted their wishes. Give yourself permission to explore new possibilities in creative self-expression.

Taurus: Jupiter will bring improvements to your domestic life. This may manifest in a new home or other property, such as a car. It especially favors home decorating or expansion projects. Domestic problems of the past may be resolved during this period. Opportunities to improve and augment relationships to the family of origin will be presented.

Gemini: During the next year, opportunities for travel will probably increase. Relationships with siblings, roommates and neighbors will be more rewarding and your overall daily attitude will become more optimistic. Communication (written or oral) will be highlighted. Educational opportunities are attractive and expansive. You may become a teacher in your field.

Cancer: You will likely have improvements in financial income or other personal resources. This may develop either as the result of general good luck or increased effort. Optimistic attitudes concerning money could lead you to overextend resources. Your sense of self-esteem is increased.

Leo: Jupiter in your sign will lighten any load, renew your sense of optimism and reinforce your self-esteem. Help and cooperation of others will be more available to you, especially if you make your requests in person. The spiritual dimension of your life will improve.

Virgo: Any effort toward becoming more acquainted with the deeper parts of yourself will be well rewarded. Positive results can be achieved through psychotherapy, dream work, meditation, hypnosis and prayer. Assistance will come to you through unexpected (and possibly mysterious) sources. Your desire to contribute to the greater social good will increase and yield good karma.

Libra: Effort invested in organizational or group social causes will be returned in bounty. Networking with friends and acquaintances may play an active role toward helping you attain personal goals in life. Relationships with stepchildren (and other people's children in general) will improve and become a source of pleasure.

Scorpio: Any reasonable effort in the area of profession, career or social status should meet with favorable results. There may be additional travel, educational or teaching opportunities associated with career endeavors. Relationships to superiors will be more supportive. Opportunities develop to improve relationships with the family of origin.

Sagittarius: Jupiter augurs improvements and good fortune through any or all of the following: legal or ethical issues, contacts with foreign lands or people who live at a distance, higher education and teaching. Events of the next year will broaden your perspective on all of life and expand your sense of connection to a larger circle of others.

Capricorn: Gain comes to you through areas of shared financial resources. These may include compensation from insurance or other group holdings, increases in a partner's income, sale of property, gains through inheritance or gifts, increase in the value of stocks, bonds or other mutually held property, or tax benefits. Debts owed to you will be paid. Intimate life is on the upswing.

Aquarius: The year brings improvements in all of your most intimate relationships. This may be the year to get married or develop a beneficial business partnership. Those with client bases will note considerable expansion. The period is favorable for attracting positive assistance through professional consultants, e.g., doctors, counselors, etc.

Pisces: Jupiter will increase the physical vitality, heal anomalies, and offer improvements in work conditions. Relationships to coworkers will be enhanced and equipment may be updated. This is the time to look for a better job (or it may find you). Any type of self-improvement program, but especially those relating to the physical body, will have beneficial results.

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