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Weekly horoscope: Jan. 24-30

Things are looking for you this week, Aquarius



Aquarius The Waterbearer (Jan. 19-Feb. 18): You have highly favorable aspects all week. You and your partner or significant other are in sync. Love, romance and social life are positive. A "teacher" crosses your path in the form of a person, a book, or the right message that will steer you in the next favorable direction.

For All Signs: Over the next two weeks, we have several aspects involving Mars. This red planet represents the principle of raw, physical power. He is the original god of war and therefore "rules" knives, guns, surgical instruments, or anything that might cut, like a sword. He rules "attack" on any level, including accidental. We draw on our Mars energy when we feel angry and want to "protect" our territory. This week and next there will be multiple aspects involving Mars, so the adrenaline is immediately available and can be overwhelming. Use care when driving and using tools.

Aries: Recognize that you may manifest your thoughts, both positive and negative, into reality. Think carefully about what is truly important to you now, at this time in your life. Don't allow old habits or rules from the past to make your decision for you. Don't get trapped in obsessive thinking.

Taurus: You have favorable aspects concerning romance, social life, and family life with husband and children. The Other in your life wants to run things and you don't mind turning over the responsibility, at least not this week. This is a good time to heal rifts in any relationship.

Gemini: The Sun smiles upon you from the ninth house of legal matters, publishing, higher education, travel and church interests. In the background you may have concerns about your health. However, if you are doing what you know is necessary, there really is no cause for worry.

Cancer: This is not your best week, unless you plan to get a lot of hard work accomplished. If you become aware that you are easily angered, use caution concerning tools or machinery. Your reflexes may not be on target. Avoid speeding because there may be police on every corner.

Leo: This is an especially favorable time with partners, love life, children, and romance. Warning to those on diet and exercise programs: this week it is just too easy to break training. If you mean what you've promised to yourself, don't go anywhere in which you would be in harm's way.

Virgo: Beware of the tendency to obsess and worry over matters that may never happen. You are tempted to see the world through a dark lens this week and you may think that is the true version. It's more likely that the pessimistic view is extreme. Don't brood over things you cannot control. It deepens worry lines in your face.

Libra: During this week, you will enjoy home, hearth, and family. That also includes those whom you think of as extended family, such as coworkers or maybe a special circle of friends. The arts and all things of beauty are of a special pleasure to you now. You are prone to overspend.

Scorpio: This is not your smoothest week. Details may nag your mind and your time like pecking ducks. You and significant others are not having the best of communications right now. You may be in the mood to nit-pick others. Probably you will feel generally better if you work alone. Circumstances with home or family may be uncomfortable.

Sagittarius: Your mood is expansive and optimistic this week. It is one of those "good luck" times that occasionally happen to the Archers. You have a grasp of the big picture and could use this energy to promote your projects and gain support.

Capricorn: You may need to concentrate in order to avoid critics, whether they be internal or external. Instead of blame, use the discipline to tackle a project that requires concentration. Avoid contracts and business negotiations right now because misunderstandings may develop.

Pisces: Help from behind the scenes is in your corner this week. You may never know about it, or perhaps you will find out later. You continue in the mode of enjoying home, hearth and family. Meditative or contemplative activities soothe your soul. Your health is given a boost.

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