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Weekly horoscope (Jan. 14-20)

Confused communications



For All Signs: Mercury has been retrograde since Jan. 5. Astute observers may have recognized its signs as early as Dec. 17, as it was slowing to make the turn. While Mercury is retrograde it is a challenge to make final decisions and communications of all types can become confused. Meanwhile this week there are multiple planetary aspects among the inner planets. That suggests a lot of running around with not much being accomplished. Use your sense of humor and think Abbott and Costello in "Who's on First?"

Aries: If you share resources with anyone, now is the time to work out whatever arrangements need to be made. This could be over a debt, home resources, insurance, stocks, bonds, or checking accounts. It is time to work toward settling pending financial matters and make a plan for your future. Finalize the plan after Mercury turns direct on Jan. 25.

Taurus: Make it a point to remain objective and stand aside from over-reacting to slights. You could be feeling a pain that comes from long ago rather than what is right in front of you. Warning to those on diet and exercise programs: this week it is just too easy to break training. If you mean what you've promised to yourself, don't go anywhere in which you would be in harm's way.

Gemini: Old issues concerning the sharing of resources may be up for review again. "Shared resources" include partnership money, insurance benefits, investments, or anything of value between you and another. The alternative to the material shared resources is the energy shared intimately. Any of these are up for review.

Cancer: You and your partner are engaging with others to revisit the past and bring it to closure. The discussions and/or rituals involved are necessary and promote a sense of peace for everyone. You are in the flow of things now. There are few who would stand in your way.

Leo: This time is loaded with multiple aspects. One track is that you feel obligated to tow the line with respect to someone's authority. It might be your own objectives that you serve. It appears that you may have recently acquired the resources to pursue a project. Wait until after Jan. 25th before you sign on the dotted line.

Virgo: Mercury has turned retrograde in the territory that rules children, creative efforts, and love life. Anything on your radar screen that is related to these territories is subject to turnaround, review, deceleration, rethinking for a few weeks. Maybe you'll want to make contact with a previous love interest or family you haven't heard from in too long.

Libra: You are probably going to enjoy seeing people who have been gone for a while. Sometimes even the best of pleasures can grow like a balloon until they take up all the space in your life. Dieters, be warned to avoid tempting situations. You are prone to self-indulgence right now.

Scorpio: You have returned to an environment in which you were previously. Right now it seems blissful and maybe full of romance. Enjoy it to the fullest, but now is not the time to believe in promises you or the Other makes. Circumstances may change after Mercury turns direct on Jan. 25th.

Sagittarius: Your mood is expansive and optimistic this week. It is one of those "good luck" times that occasionally happen to the Archers. You have a grasp of the big picture and could use this energy to promote your projects and gain support. Double check all "facts" before you take them seriously.

Capricorn: You are attending to responsibilities this week. It is a fairly serious time in which you feel somehow ethically or morally bound to follow through with commitments to the outside world. It is possible you are somehow teaching others what you have learned. You will definitely succeed if you have prepared.

Aquarius: You are in a somber frame of mind this week. Decisions in front of you have long term consequences, so you do not want to make mistakes. Yet the present path does not seem at all clear. Don't thrash yourself because you do not have the decision finalized already. Be still and leave it with your unconscious to sort out the solution.

Pisces: Make a special effort to keep up with keys, tickets, and other small items. Your feelings are easily injured right now. On the other hand, you may be the offender, hurting someone else. Try to stay on the planet and think carefully before you speak. Misunderstandings will be common. Double check all incoming data.

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