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Weekly Horoscope (Jan. 12 - 18)


For All Signs Mars, the ancient god of war, is in a challenging position to Saturn (the teacher, the rules). Events of this week may harken back to August of 2016, just over 5 months ago. Mars represents going after something or someone we want. It wants to take action without hesitation. Given its arrangement in the sky now, there is one planet who is stronger (Saturn) that must be challenged. Wisdom says it is best to back off the desire/urge to take the plunge. The booty would cost much more than it is worth. Traffic accidents increase in times such as these because everyone is in a hurry. If someone cuts you off on the road, don't allow your rage to control the accelerator. With regard to the beginning that occurred in August, this is the time to decide if the effort is worth it. If so, you'll need to pour on the necessary resources.

This is the week of the US Presidential Inauguration. President-elect Trump is beginning his four years with really difficult aspects in the sky. It will be a challenge to begin his first 100 days.

Aries Read the lead paragraph carefully. Mars, your ruling planet, is in a tiff with Saturn. This is much like pushing the accelerator to the floor while the other foot is on the break. It is a challenge to make anything happen. Your reflexes may be affected by the stress. Use care with your body and also with mechanical equipment.

Taurus Activities that involve higher education, publishing, travel and/or legal interests are favored. People at a distance will be helpful. This may be via conference calling or the Internet. Relationships in general are smoother. This is a good time to enjoy your friendships and be social.

Gemini You may need to concentrate in order to avoid critics, whether they are internal or external. Instead of blame, use the discipline to tackle a project that requires concentration. Avoid contracts and business negotiations right now because misunderstandings may develop.

Cancer Although you may wish it, this is not the best of times to communicate with your partner. There is interference due to circumstances or someone's intractable frame of mind. Save your piece for a better time later. You'll know when to initiate the subject.

Leo For the next month much of your attention will be on "others" in your life. Partnerships of any type are generally favored by this arrangement, because you will be searching for the "fair" solution in any dilemma. It is a good time to seek consultation from professionals if you need it.

Virgo This is a good time to communicate with your partner. It is very important that you set the Critic aside and engage in a conversation about feelings, even if you think it is about things. For example, if this person did not do something that was expected, avoid the blame game. Ask what was happening on the interior that kept him/her from completing the plan.

Libra Your work and daily routine are given a boost at this time. You are more able to fend off the Inner Critic who is always lurking behind you. It lies, by the way. Co-workers are amiable and cooperative. If you have a fluctuating income, it will improve this week.

Scorpio Give special attention to the lead paragraph this week. It appears that your struggle may be financial at this time. Make the effort to look, but if you don't see a resource on your radar screen right now, give it a break until the last few days of the month. Life becomes a little easier at that time.

Sagittarius It may be hard to move forward this week, due to challenges concerning property, equipment, health, or family issues. Your reflexes and normal muscle control are out of sync right now, so use special caution and listen to your body. If it says "don't," then pay attention and stop immediately. Take a deep breath and then concentrate on what you are doing.

Capricorn the Goat (Dec. 21-- Jan. 19) At this time you may become aware of how your self-talk interferes with your forward motion. Give careful attention to the lead paragraph. The challenger is your Inner Critic. This is not a good time to accomplish a major task or to go after what you want. Rest on it for another couple of weeks.

Aquarius Beware the liar. The probability is high you will encounter one this week, someone who believes his own story, thus making it unclear if he is telling the truth. Check out the sources and ask other people who may know something about the situation. Don't accept anything of importance at face value.

This is not a time to challenge the powers that be. They are bigger than you right now. Later it may not be important, anyway, because you are on your way out. Give careful attention to your car and also to any machinery you may be handling. Equipment breakdowns are possible. Your reflexes are off. Use caution in the world of the physical during this period. Are you interested in a personal horoscope? Reach Vivian Carol at 704-366-3777 for private psychotherapy or astrology appointments, and visit

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