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Weekly horoscope (Feb. 9-15)



Aquarius The Waterbearer Jan. 19-Feb. 18

Your old fears concerning your sense of self-worth may crop up for examination. Throughout life, sometimes you have overvalued your abilities and at other times you undervalue them. Rarely do you have a fully realistic handle on this. Now it will become important to gain clarity about what you have to contribute and start to work.

For All Signs: Chiron was the name given to the first half-man, half-horse in the Pantheon of Greek gods. Early in his history he was a misplaced soul, a renegade from the norm. He was brilliant and learned to use the grasses and herbs in his world as healing poultices and teas. He made a place for himself in the Pantheon by developing surgical techniques and medicine. He developed an avocation of gathering up whatever other mismatched and peculiar creatures he found and helping them to define and develop their own skills. On Feb. 9, 2011, Chiron moves into Pisces for the first time since 1969, representing a major need for spiritual healing in the world. He will remain in Pisces through 2019. Wherever Chiron travels in the horoscope, we find the area in our lives that needs healing. Previously hidden damage comes to light so we can search the cure. Sometimes we are called upon to become the healer of others as well. Please read your sun and ascending signs below to learn what areas are up for healing in your horoscope over the next eight years.

Aries: Chiron enters your 12th house now through 2019. This is the house of the unconscious and contains secrets as well as information/feelings that we have stored away. You may be ready to seek some kind of guidance to help you access a deeper dimension of your character and history.

Taurus: Chiron enters your 11th house of friendships and community contacts. Perhaps you will realize that you have need of more people in your life, so will join others in projects. Those who have been too heavily involved in organizations may feel they need to pull out of one or more commitments in order to take better care of the self.

Gemini: Chiron entering your 10th house of career and life direction may take you into the healing/teaching fields of work. Perhaps you will realize that your current direction no longer serves your spirit and you need to enlarge your sphere of activity to include a greater spiritual direction.

Cancer: Chiron moves to the 9th house of higher education, including that which is religious and/or spiritual. You may feel drawn to fill in holes in your education or seek learning that would help you become a teacher/healer in your own life. The very act of accessing education can sometimes fill wounds of a lifetime.

Leo: As Chiron travels through your 8th house, the following types of issues will eventually require your attention: joint resources, sharing and intimacy. Losses from your own history bubble up for review and hopefully, healing. You may be called upon to assist another with his/her resources and estate preparations.

Virgo: Your experience of Chiron will come through the significant other people in your life. Others may need your assistance as they seek to heal their own wounds. The relationship to your significant others may need your attention. If you happen to be a healer by career, you will attract many who are truly more seriously in need than you have in the past.

Libra: Chiron journeys through your own 6th house of health over the next eight years. You may find yourself physically troubled by dis-eases that are hard to diagnose. Perhaps the best healers for you during these years will be alternative, such as homeopaths and/or acupuncturists. Allergies may develop, especially to chemicals.

Scorpio: Parents of small children will be tending illnesses that are challenging to diagnose. You may find that alternative healers, such as chiropractors, are most helpful. This is also a time in which you will be challenged to find ways to overcome early-life discouragement of your creative impulses. The relationship to a child may actually heal you.

Sagittarius: Truth and healing must come to you through your family of origin. At first you may be presented with dark material about the past. After you sift through it all, you will come to understand that the issues were not about you; they were built into the family dynamics. This understanding can set you free.

Capricorn: Emotional traumas related to siblings and early education are brought up for review. You may search out help for reading disorders, for example. Issues in sibling relationships (or their absence) could become prominent over the next eight years. You will need to seek ways to resolve these dynamics literally or within your self.

pisces: Chiron entering your sign points rather directly to your physical and emotional well-being. Pisces is a sign that is prone to addiction. You may be unaware of the substance, but during the next eight years your body will be less able to tolerate it. Tendencies toward co-dependence will become obvious if they exist.

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