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Weekly horoscope (Feb. 23 - March 1)

A Search For The Sun



For All Signs This week we encounter the second eclipse in a series of two. The New Moon in Pisces is eclipsed on Monday, Feb. 26. New Moon eclipses occur at the time of the month in which we can't see the Moon. The meaning is related to a new seed being planted, probably under the soil, or in the unconscious. The new seed must be protected for a while, until it develops strength enough to stand on its own and eventually grow into a blossom. We often don't know this is happening until the plant breaks through the earth to search for the sun. This particular eclipse is in Pisces, which is the sign of the unconscious, so it lends double meaning to something that will grow in the dark, gaining strength over time. Pisces is the sign of the humanity that we all share. It gives special nurture to those of the "we" mentality, rather than the "I Am".

Aries There will be an explosion in the sign of Aries. You may set a bonfire, have an accident, or join activist movements. Motion and action are prominent. There is potential for your explosion to bring some kind of consequences having to do with career. Maybe this has happened just recently.

Taurus On March 4 your ruling planet will be turning retrograde for a few weeks. It is possible you are already leaning into withdrawal from one or more relationships while you evaluate their impact on your life. This is not necessarily a permanent change. It is designed to help you decide if the relationship(s) are for you.

Gemini This is an excellent time to pursue any activity that requires your mental concentration. Contracts and written communications, along with short distance travel, have go signals. The New Moon Eclipse plants a new seed in the house that describes life direction. You may not see it quite yet, but soon.

Cancer Follow your instincts about where you need to be, particularly if that includes a new social situation. Then give attention to whomever or whatever new enters your life. It will serve as a helpful teacher and guide you in the next direction.

Leo You or someone else may want you to feel guilty because you are unable to make things better. Recognize that you are not the magician you would like to be and let go of the guilt. Whatever happens now, you are highly prone to think dark thoughts about yourself. This is passing. Let it go.

Virgo Your ability to concentrate upon projects that require management of details is strong. Organizing files, closets and cabinets will clear the clutter from your mind. The new wrinkle in your life occurs through your partnership(s). That may be business or personal.

Libra Venus, the ancient goddess of love and financial resources, will turn retrograde in your partnership house. You and your partner have need of increased space between you. It does not matter who initiates the idea for a breathing space. It comes from a joint need. This does not mean anything about love, so don't misinterpret and create trouble where there is not.

Scorpio You and Aries have things in common this week. An emotional explosion or accident may suddenly alter the picture. There may be consequences on your health, at your workplace, or in rental property that you own. Drive and handle tools very carefully.

Sagittarius Organize files and details early in the week in preparation for an event near Feb. 27 that will elicit a passionate response. You'll want to come from an informed and organized place in your head before that occurs.

Capricorn There are developing problems in and around your home that may suddenly become visible. If not property, then the restlessness and potentially surprising events may become apparent in your family life. Usually there are clues ahead of time about the nature of the disorder.

Aquarius If you focus your mind on a mentally challenging project that can have an identifiable outcome, things will move smoothly through the early part of the week. The New Moon Eclipse occurs in your territory of personal resources. That can be money, time, and/or energy. See the lead paragraph.

Pisces the Fish (Feb. 18 -- Mar 19) Please read the lead paragraph carefully. This eclipse in your sign signifies that something new, but very small, will be entering your consciousness soon. It will involve reshaping your sense of identity to include another factor. Your sense of compassion will increase, slowly at first. If, instead, you are being used by a vampire, you will realize this soon.

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