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Weekly Horoscope (Feb. 16-22)

The Good Crisis



For All Signs The eclipse energy of this month continues its background effect on everyone. The world's structures are so precarious that some may have collapsed. Indeed, whether global or personal, anything built on sand rather than solid ground, is showing cracks and signs of impending change. That means issues that have been developing for a long time are brought into the light. It is judgment time, for good or ill. In Chinese, "crisis" means "opportunity for change". Keep this thought in mind if you are losing something you thought you needed.

Aries You are thinking fast and the wheels are rolling forward in your life. You may need to write things down to hold onto the ideas. Others appreciate your plans and want to help you manifest them. This is a good time to study any material because your thoughts are flowing.

Taurus You are feeling restless and need to try something new. Commute by a different route or go somewhere you have never visited before. Take your partner on a picnic. Try an entirely different restaurant. Maybe you will need to find something outrageous to perk up a room or your clothing style.

Gemini You are in the mood for travel, exploring, and overall expansion of your mind. Activities involving education, legal interests, and the internet are favored. You may be researching a new interest, gazing over travel brochures for your next adventure, or pursuing an interest in philosophy or religion.

Cancer Eclipses disturb the Crabs more than anyone else. You may be feeling unnerved. When that happens, you sometimes fall into old behaviors. You know better, but when anxious, you forget to continue with your more evolved behavior. Certain people from your history can also trigger old patterns.

Leo There are occasionally moments in life when we are focused upon contemplation of the deeper topics in life. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Where am I headed? Do I take action based upon my principles or am I adopting the values of someone else? Taking stock now brings greater clarity.

Virgo This is a good week to discuss complicated issues with your partner, business associates, employees, lessors. Topics that have been a struggle in the past may now be easier to present and find solutions. Even touchy subjects can be more open now.

Libra Either you or others in your life are behaving erratically. It is difficult to make firm plans or sustain a solid conversation. This sometimes generates a rift between you and another because one of you needs to be alone. Don't fight it. Just let it be. It is temporary. Take it with a spoonful of generosity and humor.

Scorpio Your sense of security is being battered by threats or internal fears. Don't do this to yourself. This time in your life will soon be over. There are positive things in your every day life. Fasten your attention to them and count your blessings until the scary times are past.

Sagittarius You have a desire to reach outward to others. You want to share ideas and express yourself in a larger framework. Talking to yourself is not satisfactory. Circumstances on the romantic front are favorable with one who shares intellectual interests. Activities involving teaching/learning are favored, along with good aspects for travel.

Capricorn An expense of the not so favorable type may be weighing heavily on your mind this week. Think of all the countless times you have absorbed such a thing and just moved onward. You need not let this disturb your overall energy pattern. Do what you must and put it behind you.

Aquarius You may need to think out loud about whatever you are pondering. If there is no one to listen, satisfy that need by making outlines or lists. Your mind is flowing with good ideas. Perhaps you need to diagram how all these things fit together. Your mind is working fast. You will need to find a way to bring order out of apparent chaos.

Pisces the Fish (Feb. 18 -- Mar 19) The sun returns "home" to your sign this week. You likely will find it to be energizing. Now is the time to focus on new plans for this next year of your life. Take a fresh look at where you want to direct your energy. It is appropriate that your attention be directed toward yourself right now.

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