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Weekly horoscope (Dec. 21-Dec.27)



Sagittarius The Archer (Nov. 22-Dec. 20)

You will be issuing opinions many times this week. Your ability to see the big picture is important to those around you. Use absolute discretion when speaking of other persons, lest your statements return to bite you. Aspects are positive in the financial department now.

For All Signs: The winter solstice this year is timed at 12:30 a.m. on the 22nd. This is the point of deepest darkness in the northern hemisphere. Ancients celebrated the "return" of the Sun within a few days following the solstice, when it became apparent that it would, indeed, return. On both Hanukkah and Christmas, we celebrate the light that never quite goes out inside, no matter how dark it may seem in the world. We rejoice in the ongoing rebirth of hope for new life within our psyche's and on the planet. May each of you experience fresh inspiration and expectation of joy in the year to come!

Aries: Your frame of mind is more than a little bit maverick at this time. You may be compelled to declare your freedom in every direction. It won't make a lot of friends on the playground, but this feels truly mandatory now. If your energy is directed toward social justice, there will be many on your side.

Taurus: Aspects are favored related to education, the law, publishing, the Internet or your religious organization. Someone is in the background who is your "secret" supporter and promoter. You are thinking on your feet right now. All in all, a very fine week for the Bulls.

Gemini: It is of paramount importance that you control your mouth this week. Although you have an opinion about whatever is happening, let it go and say nothing unless asked for it. Being "right" is not as important as maintaining human relations. Later, you can take action to correct what you perceive is wrong, but for now you will be challenged to a fight.

Cancer: Give special attention to unusual messages or to new people who enter your life during this time. A "teacher" crosses your path in the form of a person, a book, or the right message that will steer you in the next favorable direction. As an aside, it may feel important to organize your closets or files at this time.

Leo: You have your eye on the big picture, and it looks grand indeed. A word of caution: Your optimistic attitude and belief that you are right could cause you to become arrogant. If you want others to join your ride, give them a special place on the wagon. Share the glory.

Virgo: You have a troubling relationship that needs some kind of a finale. You may have a skirmish now that causes you to decide you are done. However, it is just a bit soon to make an ultimate decision, and something inside you is aware of that. Give it about one more month.

Libra: Your overall creativity is high at this time. Romance and social life are given a lift. Avoid any action that could be construed as an "attack," whether verbal or physical. It would cost more than the satisfaction is worth. Do not take the initiative in any skirmish.

Scorpio: There is tension between you and a family member or a friend. You are coming closer to a decision on a situation that has been on hold for a few weeks. Somehow, the right solution will evolve if you concentrate upon the reality of who you truly are. Watch your tone of voice. It could easily turn icy.

Capricorn: The "rules" and the world's expectations have you tied up like a pretzel. The harder you struggle, the tighter those binds seem to become. It's like a Chinese puzzle. Sometimes, if you relax on the control issues, the solution comes through. Present the issue to your higher Self and give it some space.

Aquarius: Venus has entered your sign this week and will be traveling "with you" through Jan. 13. Her presence gives you an air of poise, and people will simply like how you look. She is a people attractor. Often when Venus is prominent, we become more interested in art forms and things of beauty.

Pisces: Aspects favor writing, communing with friends and associates, and even expressing yourself to a greater world than is norm. Your ideas are fully grounded, and they make sense to a great many people. You have a grasp of the big picture and could use this energy to promote your projects and gain support. Let people know what you think.

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