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Weekly horoscope Aug. 4-11



Leo The Lion (July 22-Aug. 22)

During the next seven years of Uranus in Pisces (2003-2011) you'll be introduced to a much greater perspective on the world of finance. You are also likely to grow through exposure to those who can teach you more deeply about yourself, psychologically, sexually and spiritually. Issues around birth, death and transformation play an important role.

For All Signs: Uranus has made a big splash in Aries, promising many changes to come for all of us. But now it drifts back to Pisces until mid-March of 2011. Below I am presenting a column that I wrote over seven years ago when Uranus transitioned into Pisces. Seven years is a long time, so think back to where you were in 2003-04 and reflect on the changes I described at the time. The next few months brings our last chance to accomplish the projects. Read for both your sun and ascendant if you know it.

Aries: Disclosure of old family secrets that alter your perception of self may occur during the next seven-and-a-half years (2003-2011). You develop much greater awareness of the unconscious and your interest in alternate forms of healing intensifies. Episodes of intuition or psychic awareness are likely to increase. Be aware of your tendency to sabotage yourself with needlessly eccentric behavior.

Taurus: During Uranus' transit of Pisces (seven years), you are likely to be exposed to a new social life and broaden your sense of community and friendship. You will attract unusual people into your life who will serve to expand your sense of humanitarianism. Your overall goals and life choices will be shifting.

Gemini: Uranus' tour of Pisces (2003-2011) symbolizes important changes and probable expansion of your career or life direction. Your boredom with old routines drives you to explore the untried. You have a need to rebel, which may cause difficulty with authority figures. You'll be very attracted to the unusual in occupation — the more eccentric, the better.

Cancer: While Uranus moves through Pisces (2003-2011), you will be experiencing a rapidly expanding world view. This may come about through travel, higher education or attraction to people who hail from an altogether different environment. You may feel the need to explore alternative religions and/or philosophies.

Virgo: New and unique experiences will likely be brought to you through changes in situation made by your partner (business and/or personal). Those with clientele will see major shifts in whom they attract. Virgo tends to resist change, but this is a message to relax and follow the new currents.

Libra: You will probably enter a long period of changes (2003-2011) related to employment. A new situation might present you with a job that brings something new and different every day. Another arena of new interest is likely to develop in the area of personal health. You may be attracted to alternative healing methods.

Scorpio: Uranus' transit of Pisces (2003-2011) is likely to present unique or avant-garde opportunities to develop your personal creativity. Those open to romance will attract unusual people who broaden your life, but don't look for the security of commitment. Unexpected pregnancy may be part of the changing scenario.

Sagittarius: Your probability of making one or more moves of home and hearth is strong while Uranus is in Pisces (2003-2011). It might be easier to put your belongings in storage than to try to drag them around with you. Property may begin to feel like tons of luggage. Your perspective on your personal definition of "security" will change over the next seven-and-a-half years.

Capricorn: Uranus in Pisces (2003-2011) will free you to explore new and untried territory through travel or via high tech gadgetry. Your habitual attitudes and your normal patterns of communication may alter considerably over the next seven to eight years. Unusual situations develop involving your neighborhood, siblings and roommates. A new sports car sounds appealing.

Aquarius: Income fluctuates wildly with Uranus in Pisces (2003-2011) or it begins to come from more than one source. Those with this position are more willing to take financial risks in order to gain increased rewards — and sometimes it works! It is not uncommon for this position to bring windfalls, but don't count on it.

Pisces: Those who have been living by the rules for the last decade are ready to break free of bondage. You likely will become a much stronger advocate for yourself and your individual needs during this period (2003-2011). Your personal tastes and appearance will begin to change dramatically.

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