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Weekly Horoscope (Aug. 24-20)

After the Darkness



For All Signs Saturn turns direct on the August 25, 2017 for the next 5.5 months. This happens every year, but not on the same dates.

While direct, Saturn is a taskmaster. (S)He is also the Judge or the Teacher. He has been retrograde since April 5, 2017. While he is retrograde, we are given time to think about what we "should" do and prepare for the time that we will do it. Then he turns direct again and it is time. We must fulfill whatever is required or the consequences will materialize. Since she is now in the sign of Sagittarius, we must define our rules/ laws and expect to abide by them. Now that Saturn has again turned direct, we must clear and clean the slate.


Aries It will be important to use firmness about your boundaries. This is likely to be particularly so with children, and even lovers who may want to overrun your plans. If you have wondered whether or not to approach a potential lover, the time is now. The warrior is in your corner. Count on it. Others will pay attention.

Taurus Your avatar, Venus, moves into your fourth house which is related to home, property and family matters. You may have a desire to improve the appearance of the environment around you, whether at home or at work. You may be attracted to activities that allow you to play or work with your favorite colors. Venus remains there until September 18, 2017.

Gemini Recall that Mercury, your planetary avatar, is retrograding. This week he makes several minor, but challenging aspects. Your schedule may be hard to plan. Work around the house may require two trips to the hardware store and then another tweak. Hold onto your sense of humor.

Cancer Now that the August eclipses are over, you have the opportunity to take a break and clean up whatever messes may have developed. It is a matter of good mental health that you take some time to rest and recover. Eclipse seasons are generally hard on Cancerians.

Leo Venus enters your sign on August 26, 2017 and will be traveling "with you" through September 18. Her presence gives you an air of poise and people will simply like how you look. Often when Venus is prominent we become more interested in art forms and want to make things in the environment more attractive. We are also more interested in beautifying ourselves.

Virgo the Virgin (Aug 22--Sep 22) While Mercury retrogrades in your sign, it will be a challenge to make decisions. Unless they are minor in nature, it might be less energy consuming to avoid them altogether. If you are pressed to move forward, do your research well ahead of making a commitment.

Libra Venus, your ruling planet, travels with you into the territory of friendships, community and organizational affairs. Over the next three weeks she will enhance your presence within any activity of this sphere. It is a good time to plan a party for friends or to meet new people at other gatherings.

Scorpio You likely will be presented with a new career or life direction opportunity. Although you have doubting inner voices and a few obstacles, you can do this. The symbols suggest it is on your life path, so help will be available.

Sagittarius You are reaping benefits of a work well done during this last two year period. An opportunity surfaces to show your new skills. Perhaps there will be an experience that makes this clear this week or next. Take heart. Your effort has been noticed. Take a careful step into the new option.

Capricorn Business in general is favored for you most of the summer through mid-September. Unexpected opportunities are coming your way. It is up to you to respond and take action. These will help you toward a big transition that comes early in 2018. At present the legal irritations may require your attention, but in the bigger schema they are just nits.

Aquarius Aspects are favorable in the areas of travel, education, publication, and legal interests. If you are not already traveling, you may be planning your next trip now. A surprising event or encounter is likely to occur this week. Boredom could cause you to decide to do away with the old to make room for the new.

Pisces Money or other material goods may be repaid or returned this week or next. Positive opportunities may develop via career contacts. Be aware that you are in a sensitive frame of mind and may misinterpret that which is said to you. You may be the one who hears what you want to hear. Take your impressions with a grain of salt until you clarify what was originally intended.

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