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Weekly horoscope (Aug. 2-8)

Expect intensity in relationships



Leo The Lion (July 22-Aug. 22)
Next week, on Aug. 8, Mercury will turn direct. Decisions that you may have set aside in recent weeks will be easier to settle. Your sense of stability will return. This week, your attitude is hopeful and friends will be very helpful.

For All Signs: Over the weekend, we have an aspect that suggests intensity in relationships. We may not be functioning altogether consciously and could be pulled into schemes of manipulation or compulsive behaviors. Existing relationships could re-experience the pain of old wounds. We have a choice of whether to work it through or act it out in the same ways we did the first time. Hesitate before you respond in anger or jealousy.

Aries: Circumstances are falling together to create a really challenging week ahead. On the physical level, you may have a lot of heavy lifting or other chores to manage. This occurs at a time when your mind may not be altogether attentive. Use special care when managing tools or unusual projects.

Taurus: Relationships may feel intense and complicated at this time. You may sense some negative force at work. It is also possible that spending may get out of hand. Leave the credit cards at home. For some, you may experience bill collectors at the door.

Gemini: This is a good time to take an in-depth survey of your most important relationship. (This could also include observing yourself in relation to clientele.) Study yourself first and determine whether any harbored anger is causing you to sabotage the connection. Tackle whatever problems exist in a healthy, direct way.

Cancer: News from afar may be dragging you down during this period. It's possible that you are too distracted to attend to routine life. Do yourself a favor and disconnect from the media. You need a break. It isn't mandatory that you follow everything that is happening.

Virgo: It is likely you will have fortunate developments related to your home, family and security this week. Those who are spiritually inclined will find encouraging feedback for your studies. You and your partner may not connect well this week. Don't worry. This is brief. It will change by next week.

Libra: It appears that your attention will be needed in multiple arenas. Work/career is competing with your need to keep the peace with home and family. Use good stress relieving techniques or your temper may get the best of you now.

Scorpio: It may require a Herculean effort, but step aside from arguments or bickering this week. You may not know all the facts of the matter. Be cautious of entering into new involvements at this time because you may be acting from an unconscious place. Attractions could wind up badly.

Sagittarius: It is possible you will experience a time of heaviness, due to the dawning awareness that something you have believed may not be true at all. This might have been developing all summer. For this week, travel and relationship experiences should be positive.

Capricorn: Your issues with the Powers That Be could be disturbing your state of mind. It may be that there is a jumble of small threads that are tying you up in a knot. The tension may be showing itself in physical discomfort as well. Give yourself extra rest and take your vitamins during this challenging time.

Aquarius: You are moving toward the finish line on the end of a project that began roughly two-and-a-half years ago. It appears there is one major piece of the pie left to complete, and that has begun this summer. By the end of October, you must finalize and move on.

Pisces: The Fish are prone to be connected to the collective. Right now the unrest and general angst on the planet could cause you a personal sense of foreboding. If this is so, then it is time to disconnect from the world at large and give yourself a breather from the news.

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