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Weekly horoscope (Aug. 18-24)

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For All Signs: We have entered an eclipse "season" in which the Aquarius full moon eclipse of Aug. 18 is followed in two weeks by a new moon eclipse in Virgo (Sept 11). This summer is loaded with tense and potentially explosive aspects. The eclipse this week is punctuating those tensions with an extra smack that has already begun and will likely continue through the summer. Truths become apparent and houses built of cards will begin staggering toward a fall. That includes global, national, regional and personal arenas. Even those who have built their houses of bricks will feel the brunt through others in their lives. Hold in mind that the things that collapse have become flawed. Because humans do not take action except in discomfort, this is what we get for our lassitude. Crises, while scary at the time, bring transformation for the good. This eclipse pattern will be extant for the next 18 months.

Aries: The new eclipse season will be opening your mind and heart to accept a larger circle of friends. You may become a leader or a strong supporter of a community network which has shared ideals. Certainly you will continue to have the friendships you have built in the past. However, your attention may be focused on goals greater than your own.

Taurus: The new 18 month series of eclipses will bring a certain amount of intensity in the arenas of career and also home, hearth and family. You will be stretching your worldly boundaries to serve a new group of people. Family relationships will include one loss and one gain.

Gemini: Legal, ethical or educational issues will be emphasized by the new 18 month series of eclipses. Travel will be punctuated, whether it via body, mind, or spirit. Exposure to those of different backgrounds or cultures opens your heart and expands your philosophy. A challenge concerning siblings, roommates, or neighbors may press you to seek a higher road.

Cancer: This new eclipse pattern will emphasize issues of sexuality, intimacy, and material accumulation. Reorganization of debt, investments and your estate may be in progress. You may become more conscious than usual about existential matters related to life, death, and what is on "the other side" of normal, waking consciousness.

Leo: The eclipses of this new 18 month series will draw your attention to your partnerships. Patterns from your childhood history needed to be uncovered, repaired or removed in order to allow your growth into a more mature relationship. Psychotherapy may be truly helpful. There may be a crisis of consciousness at this time.

Virgo: This Libra eclipse pressures you to concentrate on improvement of work related relationships and health maintenance. Diet, exercise and improvement of physical regimen will become imperative. Honing your management systems in personal and work arenas is necessary to create order in your daily work routine.

Libra: This eclipse pattern emphasizes your progeny or other personally creative births. Romantic ventures will be intensely emotional and self-revealing. You will be learning a few lessons in discernment concerning friendships and associations that no longer serve you well.

Scorpio: Matters concerning your family and property will be accented for the next 18 months. Old problems in relationships, even with the deceased, will surface for cleansing and healing. A new family member may enter the scene, or you may begin to spend more time with family in general.

Sagittarius: The accent of this eclipse cycle will be on travel, education, care of vehicles and relationships to siblings, roommates, neighbors, or others who daily traverse your life. Habit patterns of thought will be brought to consciousness so negative thinking can be corrected. You will be introduced to new practical life skills.

Capricorn: During this new 18 month series of eclipses you will be learning to value yourself in new ways. Along with that comes education in the management of money and other resources, such as time and energy. There will be less assistance from others in these arenas, but you are creating these resources for yourself.

Aquarius: Your sense of personal identity will be the subject under consideration. Who are you becoming and who do you need to be? How do you wish to define yourself before the world? You will be learning what is required for you to hold onto your identity while simultaneously maintaining a personally rewarding relationship.

Pisces: The new series of eclipses emphasize your need to create order, both internally and externally. The development of your projects will call upon you to develop faith in your deepest self. Bringing order out of chaos is done on both the inner and outer levels simultaneously, so while you organized files you will be also organizing your mind.

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