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Weekly horoscope (Aug. 14-20)

This is the first of two weeks that demand adjustments to reality.



For All Signs: Jupiter is inconjunct to Neptune. There are 150 degrees between them. This is the first of two weeks that demand adjustments to reality. Whatever the specific details of our individual lives, we are faced with a dilemma: A desired objective or goal cannot be attained in the present structure, or if it can, it is at prohibitive cost. We have the following choices: (1) Drop the goal, (2) Pay the price, (3) Alter the structure to accommodate the desired end, (4) Sacrifice the original expectations associated to the goal and develop an alternative path. The solution is not obvious, nor is it defined by astrological wisdom. The situation requires human creativity.

Aries: This is a time to believe your dreams and make that push toward success. The Force is with you now. Activities requiring strength and/or endurance are favored. A transformation is at hand and available if you will reach for it. Help from those more powerful than yourself may be forthcoming if you ask.

Taurus: Beware that you are in a sensitive frame of mind and may misinterpret that which is said to you. You may be the one who hears what you want to hear. So take your impressions with a grain of salt until you clarify what was originally intended. The week finalizes much better than it begins.

Gemini: Your focus shifts to matters of home, hearth and family. Things of the past may float up in your mind for reflection. Make a special effort to keep up with keys, tickets and other small items. Try to stay on the planet and think carefully before you speak. If you feel hurt, don't leap to a conclusion before you ask the meaning of a behavior or a comment.

Cancer: New information comes to the fore that suggests a sudden change in plans. You will be quite involved in communications or paperwork as a result. By the end of the week you should feel successful for your endeavors. Conditions of home, hearth and family are positive.

Leo: Warning to those on diet and exercise programs: This week it is just too easy to break training. If you mean what you've promised to yourself, don't go anywhere that would put you in harm's way. It is a time in which you feel more outgoing and extroverted. Social life is a pleasure.

Virgo: You may be feeling irritable and a little nervous. You can't be sure whether someone significant in your life is really telling you the truth or treating you honestly. The probability is that there is some sort of deception present, but you might be deceiving yourself. Monitor your inner critic this week. It may be serving up a plate of neurotic guilt to interfere with your attitude.

Libra: For the next few days you may be feeling a little off or not quite like yourself. Things improve significantly after Sunday. Friends and supporters are at your side and the sense of disconnection dissipates rapidly. There are likely to be favorable activities related to your work or co-workers.

Scorpio: You are starting fresh at last. Your energy is harnessed and in true "go" mode. Your ability to see yourself as successful is one of the prime movers on your goal. Any activities related to work, short-distance travel, education, siblings and vehicles has positive aspects.

Sagittarius: Give attention to the lead paragraph because it pertains to you. You want to move forward, but something is holding you in place. You may be barely conscious of it or have trouble putting your finger on what it is exactly. One clue is that the problem holding you back is a belief or a secret that has been handed down through the myths in your family of origin.

Capricorn: Your charisma is powerful and you can be at your most persuasive now. Manipulation in order to get what you want is not really necessary. Step aside from such temptations. Activities requiring physical energy are accented and favored. You have a need to get out and about to refresh your spirit.

Aquarius: You are walking a tightrope while you wait for something very important to happen. You want to break free and do your own thing, but the outcome is too serious for you to take flight. Keep breathing deeply and move one foot carefully in front of the other toward your goal.

Pisces: Your intuition and creative energies are high right now, but something keeps you from allowing the muse to manifest through you. Is it fear of being wrong? Maybe you think others will believe you are silly. As long as you are not trying to prove yourself better than others, you can allow a pure expression of the muse.

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