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Weekly horoscope (Aug. 11-17)

Just do it



For All Signs: Saturn is turning direct after 5.5 months of retrograde motion. This happens every year. While direct, Saturn is a taskmaster. He is also the judge or the teacher. When he turns retrograde, we are given time to think about what we "should" do and prepare for the time that we will do it. Then he turns direct again and it is time. We must fulfill whatever is required or the consequences will materialize. There have been multiple detours and blockades to taking action since April, presented by other planets in retrograde motion. Saturn is in Sagittarius, the sign of philosophy, travel, in-laws, shipping, higher education, and the ethics/legalities of anything. Whatever has been trapped in these areas will begin now to loosen the boundaries. It will be like clearing a traffic jam.

Aries: Major changes of recent months have shaken you loose from a "previous lifestyle." It has been thoroughly unsettling. Last month you began a fresh discipline which will give you the strength to move forward with your life. Take it slow and steadily. It is a challenge but will give you more courage and sense of strength.

Taurus: You may be taking a sober look at one or more relationships. Even the very closest friends cannot know each other from the inside. Sometimes we forget this fact and need to become aware that we are actually separate beings, helping when we can. Sometimes our energy is too low to be there for one another.

Gemini: Past work on a significant project related to your home pays off now. It has demanded major attention to the details, but they are now integrating well. Contracts may be signed that favor you monetarily. The financial powers-that-be are in your favor. Take a deep breath. You've done a great job.

Cancer: During the next couple of weeks it would serve you well to attend social gatherings and generally put yourself "out there." One or more people are likely to enter your life who help you make the connections that need to come next. It is possible that you encounter a potential for romance.

Leo: Adopt a positive attitude concerning anything new or different that crosses your radar screen. Interesting experiences are prominent. It is a good week to make travel plans. Activities involving the law, ethics, publications, education, the Internet and church or synagogue, are favored.

Virgo: A teacher who will help you see your relationships more accurately than you have in the past enters your life at this time. Carefully consider what you are now seeing. Don't just adopt another's point of view. But if the thoughts ring true, you may need to distance yourself from your sacrificial nature.

Libra: Be aware that you are in a sensitive frame of mind and may misinterpret that which is said to you. Or you may be the one who hears what you want to hear. So take your impressions with a grain of salt until you clarify what was originally intended. This is not a good time to sabotage relationships because you may not be thinking clearly.

Scorpio: One or more friends are available to help you with almost anything you need. A move of home or workplace may be involved. You are making ready to begin a new work venture of significant challenge. It will be somewhat costly in the beginning, but you need to cross that hurdle and move forward.

Sagittarius: You may feel disappointed over a loss related to your immediate future plans. This is a bummer but it is probable that you had an unrealistic version of its value in the beginning. There will be better options in the future. Keep your eyes open. Your mind is loaded with ideas and one of them creates a better solution than you have lost.

Capricorn: This is a week to remain in strict adherence to the law. Don't speed and don't roll through intersections. Someone may be there to write a ticket before you know it. Give attention to your vehicle, especially to any symptoms related to liquid or gas lines. There may be good news related to education, publishing, the law, and travel.

Aquarius: Necessary expenses (those not of the "fun" type) may develop this week. If not that, you could be just having a little blue mood. It is one of those times when we become aware that our loved ones can never know or understand fully what is inside of us. This is an existential dilemma that everyone encounters now and then. It will pass quickly.

Pisces: You may have to disappoint a significant other this week. Perhaps you were feeling truly idealistic and promised more than you can deliver. The reality is hitting home at this time. Most folks who are pisces never like to deliver bad news. It is also possible that the roles are reversed. Maybe this important person is disappointing you. It is hard, but this will pass.

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